Day 8 With PVP Matchmaking Broken

I wrote this 8 days ago…No response, no support no hope. This screenshot is from today. PLEASE help

I type this as I have been in queue for over 30 minutes. Each time i wait until bam, Comp is Ready, followed by all the silly, polishing marble floors, scalping tickets etc. Then…matchmaking failed, returning to the top of the queue…This has happened now 16 times in a row! It says I’m being put in the top of the queue, but this simply can’t be because that would mean no one is playing ranked across East Servers?

I want to play, I want to earn rewards, I want to improve, but this is simply broken.





bro they can’t even fix trusted status for legit players. I suggest thinking of a different game amazon out to ruin lost ark and they can deny it all they want :’)

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Another awesome experience trying to play this game


Today is 10 days. Can we please address this big problem? I’m begging here, showing as much evidence as I can, and really need some help

Day 11. And after the update it’s still supremely fubar’d

Any time i get a matchmaking failed i cancel the que and reque and it works fine. Do not know if thats whats going on with you but def sucks.

Day 16 and my game is still broken. Customer support ftw…wtf

I’ve started having this on my server. I was just about to blame the bots when i cancelled the queue and rejoined and it actually went in :stuck_out_tongue:

strike that. played one match and now same again… failed to join. I note this only affects the ranked queue.

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yup, same here, only the ranked is affected. Sorry you’re having this issue too, that sound when it fails will haunt me

I’m jus gonna blame bots joining the queue and leaving the timer go down. Probably not bots but still grr bots

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Day 19, help me and fix the damn game!!!


Day 23. I guess no response is the response for player problems…


Day 24 with zero response or help from anyone


Day 27…

Day 31…not a single response from anyone

day fucking 44

Day 65…@Roxx and team…I’m speechless. I’m losing out on COUNTLESS MATS and can’t play what I want to play. Honestly…this ensures that while I have the means, I’ll never spend money on this game.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 165127