Day Light Savings Time Difference is NOT FIXED (NAE)

Just tested with a few other people and it is still bugged.

Temp fix remains: Disable DST on your computer and restart the game.


still bugged on Regulus NAE we were like 50 players waiting for the Grand Prix to start and the portal never spawned. Same for chaos gates, and more

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yup not fixed still. nice job AGS

From NA West, this problem is also not fixed there either. The work around for disabling DST on Windows is still needed.

The patch did not fix the timer bug. Confirmed. How hard is this to fix Amazon?

Wow it’s still not fixed? We just sitting there like fools waiting!!! Now again no race loss of time and rewards and we have other things to do this is not fair! We plan for these events! Help @Roxx

Oh boy.

I can confirm this is not fixed for me as well. I have DST checked on my computer, my in game clock matches my PC clock, but the timers are all still an hour off. Best check here is the grand prix because it’s supposed to be on “even hours”, well 12pm and no race.

Tried restarting to see if that was it, but it was not.

There is a potential “Fix” for this, but it’s not perfect (and my test is 1 thing)…I’m using Windows 10 so follow these steps:

  1. In Windows (not the game), right click on your time and click “Adjust date/time”
  2. Set “Adjust for daylight saving time automatically” to OFF
  3. Set “Set time automatically” to OFF.
  4. Use the “Set the date and time manually” to change your time if you want your PC time to still be correct.
  5. Login to Lost Ark. What you will see in game is that the game clock is now 1 hour behind the real time (so keep that in mind if you have a real world schedule).

When I check when the next Grand Prix is it tells me it’s in 30 minutes…12pm on the in-game clock, 1pm in the real world, which matches with expectations.

Note when they actually finally fix this you may need to undo this and reset your clock so that it auto updates for daylight savings…also if you don’t you’ll need to manually change the clock time come fall when we go back.

Literally a GIANT BANNNER above every post on the forum:
Look at the last sentence.

Known Issues

  • Users in the Europe West and South America regions are unable to connect to voice chat.
  • Monthly and Weekly Crystal bonus packs are not granting their respective bonus percentages. A retroactive grant of these Crystals will be applied for players who have purchased them.
    *** Procyon’s Compass references UTC time for adventure islands.**

Literally a GIANT BANNNER above every post on the forum: Look at the last sentence.

This thread is speaking about the Alarm Timers on the side of the screen. I do not see where anyone mentioned Procyon’s Compass being UTC.

This is about the alert timers being ‘fixed’ by toggling off DST on your PC. Meaning they did not fix the alert timers from top-left Alarms pop-out pane.

The patch notes claimed the alert timers were fixed. They were not. No one before your post mentioned Procyon’s compass which is a separate from the alert timers pane.

“Fixed the in game event timers that were off by one hour due to Daylight Savings Time.” Unfortunately not fixed. Toggle off DST on PC to ‘fix’ for now.

Patch notes:

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Gotcha, I thought the alert timers and the compass timers where the same thing.

Just a note to those who are looking for a workaround - I recommend not turning off DST function on your computer if you use the same computer to play Lost Ark as you do to work from home. During off DST will mess up your alarms for your Zoom/Outlook/Teams/Slack meetings.

Why has this NOT been fixed yet!??

Sadly, and amazingly, no. Now if you want both in-game clock and the in-game alert times to match up you can toggle off DST and toggle off auto-time adjust settings and then manually set your PC system clock time.

Currently maintenance today 3/18 is to fix a duplication bug. Somehow the Korean version is running so this must be a regionalization related dupe bug being hotfixed this morning.

So, apparently, if you would like to duplicate a broken clock for NA they may have something in the works. /s Hehehe. /sigh