Day one of new patch and I've already hit listing limit

I’m far from your average player, I have 20 characters, 4000+ hours, and I’m super dedicated to this game, reguarly bussing all available content (outside of brel but I’m interested). I really don’t understand why the same listing limitation is present for a larger roster like mine, and a bot roster that is never buying character slots. 1 item listing per day is absurdly small, especially factoring in that it counts both the market and auction house together. Every lucky legendary book drop you get pulls from your daily listing of possible accessories.

But the point shouldn’t be about the specifics of this change, it’s that these anti bot measures are commonly impacting real players of the game. It’s bad enough that bot populations are unsightly and negatively impact the economy and other systems of the game. But when the “solutions” to these problems are making it harder for me and others to play the game we enjoy, that’s really depressing. Honestly seeing this change got me pretty upset and even dampered the excitement of brel. After progging on a few characters today I was feeling better and then suddenly I’m hit with the listing limit message. Despite running 0 busses for additional listings, and not even selling any of my new upgraded materials I still hit the listing limit on day one of the patch.

This just feels like a massive oversight to me, I get that I’m out of the ordinary for roster size but I should still be able to play the game and list drops I get right?

I could think of a handful of better ways to implement the system that might limit bots and hardly impact even players like myself. Just to list a few; Change the 10 listing limit that currently exists on each character to be a daily 10 limit per character. The same concept as the daily limit, but doesn’t punish those with larger rosters. Realistically it punishes a bot account fairly similarly, their way to get around the current 10 limit is that once an item sells they’ll post another and repeat. This wouldn’t hamper larger rosters because it’s character based, even someone bussing all content realistically won’t hit 10 items in a day, but it would impact those bot accounts.

Another solution is simply raising the cap. I would propose raising the cap based on roster size. If you buy more character slots, you ought to get more listings to accommodate. It makes sense that a roster of 24 characters should require more listings than a roster of 6. If this would stir up some sort of pay to win discussion, simply raising the cap to 40-60 would realistically work the same way, hampering bots and market flippers, but leaving reguar players with wider rosters relatively undisturbed.

I’m honestly pretty upset with the limit and feel like it was a pretty underdeveloped idea that has good intentions, but hits too many real players in the crossfire. A fix to botting should not be negatively impacting the player base, I’m still receiving 15+ mails from gold sellers every day across my roster same as before the patch. I’m hoping constructive criticism will help AGS/SG reevaluate the system, it feels like I’m walking on eggshells engaging with the market with a larger roster. Thanks for reading.


hey, thats one item a day per character :smiley: