Daylight Savings Time messed up calendar?

Hey hey I am sitting at Sol Grande, the calendar alarm pinged me for 11AM EST. The mini map said he would spawn at 11:03AM EST…he hasn’t spawned haha
Are the times all off because NA has DST?

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Yeah, AGS doesn’t know how to adjust for daylight savings time.

@Roxx This is just sad tbh…


Well dang. I’ve been frustrated by all the minimap/zone map times being wrong, and constantly being told to use the calendar alarms…now I can’t even trust those :s

The Chaos Gates are every hour, so it should spawn regardless. They simply are not working at all.

They seriously need to fix this

Sad part is I think the devs take the weekend off, so we’re borked for today

Grand prix event is off by an hour also now

Yea it seems like the whole calendar is 1 hour early - I am using phone alarms for now because the in game ones are useless. Someone said you can set those for an hour early but like cmon xD