DB Striker is utterly BROKEN

How come my 1460 DB striker deals 30% more damage than my 1490 EW deadeye (did some extended tests in trixion and got same quality/engravings on both chars) ??

Futhermore, the damage is way more easy to execute on striker (3 damage skills versus 6 on DE) and striker is more tanky with more HP… Like WTF !

I am usually 50% of the Time MVP on DEADEYE on vykas/valtan but with striker it’s 90%. Will this class be nerfed ?

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my 1430 striker does same dmg on is tiger strike then my 1470 destroyer on one of is spells that just insane

Trixion is a bad way to compare because a entropy class will ofc have the upper hand. Striker is strong but def not over the top op

Not if you compare between entropy classes, DE also use entropy and the damage is nowhere as Big and easy to execute : on DE you have to deliver all 4 shotguns skills 20cm maximum from the boss ass (close shot tripods) to deliver the burst while on striker you only need to LTS from a distance and boom 60mil damage on a 15s cooldown


About how much dps are we speaking here btw?

DB striker is one of the strongest classes in the game in terms of dmg potential. He gets some of the highest dps numbers in trixion and basically any class compared to him sucks(except maybe igniter sorc and surge DB). BUT he is slow af has no movement skills and if you don’t land your back atks perfectly or even miss, the dmg is bad (high risk high reward).
Deadeye is one of the hardest classes to play, very squishy but can do good dmg if you play well.
As usual, trixion dps comparison is completely useless.


maybe you’re playing deadeye wrong, he is strong as the same way as striker

No mouvement skill ? Can WE talk about storm dragon kick that IS a mouvement skill on a 8s CD (capable of proccing rage rune 50% of the Time due to the 3hits build-in)?

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This is the good old excuse for anything in this game.

There are prolly two istances (vykas g2 and clown g2) where back attacking COULD become difficult.

Any other istance ingame entrhopy gets rewarded way too much compared to the effort needed to play back attacj.

Ful stop.

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But you also need that skill to generate orbs. You can use it as movement but then you do less dmg :slight_smile:

Striker is very strong indeed, some of the biggest dmg ceilings in the game. I was just saying there are also downsides to his playstyle. I’m using the powerpass this Wednesday to make a backattacker class. Thought long about making a striker (mostly because he just looks cool) but I recently watched a gameplay vid from Clown G3 and he lands his Tigerstrike with crit like three times up to showtime (not doing mario). And I’m pretty sure that’s the reality of a slow backattack class like that. Every once in a while, you get a crazy run and mvp by a mile. And just as often you miss everything and do nothing.
(I probably go for Scrapper or Deathblade as my backattacker because they seem more versatile than striker)

Anyway, most encounters in this game are not dps checks. So you don’t need to optimize for pure dmg… I personally prefer classes that can also survive/dodge etc especially for new content.

I do have a striker myself. DB is a very slow playstyle which is manageable but on top he also doesn’t have too much push immunity. Class has a high sealing but vast majority of players won’t reach that permanently or just don’t because it’s also exhausting at some point

You can drop a dmg engraving for spirit absorption as many do. That would not only make it way easier to play, but also way less seemingly op like ppl say.

Thats the whole point. If you accept to be a trunk of wood barely moving and you can make up with skills you get op dmg.

If you like an easier playstyle you ll still be dealing high dmg but wont be op due to dropping one engraving for versatility.

That said, is the extra dmg rewarded for playing without SA and full back attack a right compensation?

Imho? No, it s too much. As i said enthropy needs to be piped down or other sets need be improved. The difficulty of back attacking isnt remotely near the amount of dmg you gain for doing it. Exp when you combine level 2 sets bracelets AND the beatrice+dwarves set cards along ambush master breaking the multipliers of enthropy.

But alas, sorcs can sit out of any danger and melt stuff with 5x the dps of any other class and 20x less the risks, so i wouldnt even bother asking a nerf for db

Now we are talking about the entropy set which is overpowered atm but the topic was striker being utterly overpowered but he isn’t currently. Definitely one of the steonger classes after a huge investment but that’s it

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The point is the one i just made. It s not striker being op, but the set making him op. Period.

Set cards are unique to him and wardancer boosting not just back attack but elemental dmg (2/3 of your dmg spells Said combo, again along with ambush master and entr bonuses from lv2 up, and more when bracelets are out, makes the dmg unreal as lobg as u give up SA for full dps.

To sum up, it s not striker that needs nerfing.

If anything, ESO needs a buff

I agree with that

Just play the striker

yes you stand behind in trixion but name 1 boss were you don’t.

If you rly think you will land 100% back attack on every spender then yes. It is strong and for the utter soulcrushing reason that YOU NEED to land backattack to deal any dmg, and if you miss SINGLE spell you are down half or full spender per cycle.

Striker does about the same dmg per cycle as a sorc that cant double dooms day but instead of bursting every 30s, it bursts every 15s so DPS wise it’s significantly higher than igniter Sorc provided the target is a dummy.


And how come my friend’s Soul fist doing 50% more damage than anybody else in the guild?
Real damage like Guardians/legions not some Trixion dummy.