Dc, after cutscenes

Hello, since updating vykas I get an error very often, “cannot connect to the server”, whenever I do vykas it appears after the cutscene, during the boss fight, after qwe mechanic. someone told me to turn on the dmz zone in the router, I did it and there is no error, the game works perfectly, but apparently it is dangerous for me, so what should I do, do you have any solution? sorry but I don’t have time to read each topic, sorry for assuming another one.

Hi traveler @WelcomeToHeal

Hope your doing good!

Sorry to hear about the issues with the connection and thank you for explaining what you have tried already, personally I would not recommend to use the DMZ but this would be up to you.

On the picture i recognize an error message related with connectivity, so please take a look and try these troubleshooting steps on this Mega Thread, it was created to assist with multiple connectivity issue presented since the last update. Check the second part of it.

Hope your issue will be fix soon and have a nice week.