Dc and lost rewards

I have posted a ticket for three of my character:
EUC - Armen:

  1. Ekasius - Paladin
  2. Temnor - Destroyer
  3. Drarrek - Gunlancer

the FIRST has lost chest (but not rewards) of Kakul g2 (today) - I have screen shot proofs from my friend teammates
the SECOND has lost both chest and rewards of g1g2g3 Argos (today) - I have recorded video from me of proof
the THIRD has lost both chest and reward of g2 Valtan [hard] today - I have recorded video and picture from my friend teammate of proof

all this issue for DC right before the end of the gate

  1. and 3) didn’t get the restore ticket .

for 2) the game even tells i already cleared, for 3) the games doesn’t tell i clear it but once i try to join i cant do it
for 3) i just lost the chest, wich is fine, i mean not fine at all, but i don’t get mad for only 1 kakul cest … but for 2) and 3) … i lost kinda plenty of gold and mats !

if i don’t get any ticket back or compensation i probably gonna quit the game

thanks for ur attention

PS i did 2 issue ticket but since i couldn’t post the documentation of proof I’m doing this topic to be able to chat with a officer and send him the proof … I was very worried cause i saw many ppl had the same problem, didn’t get any tick or answer by ticket.

thanks for ur attention

We’ve been receiving multiple reports about this and the team is aware. What’s your character name and server name?

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