Dc from 3x cube

i was in 3x cube dungeon half hour ago, i spend 2 weeks for this tickets and i got disconnected middle of the dungeon and i lost all my tickets. disconnection didnt cause by me. i entered game immiediaty in 4 minutes. its really bad. are devs gonna help me?

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Nope but pro tip, don’t ever do 3x cube its not worth it. You save time yes, but you get less chance of rare rooms.

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yea i know you have more chance for luck stages, saving time was my point here. game opening taking 4,5 minutes. they actially have to give tickets back, its bullshit

Yeah, they said they can’t do anything about any items you lose due to issues caused by their servers most likely. So, unfortunately, you won’t get your tickets back. Just don’t do 3x Cubes ever again, for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s not profitable, you might loose on silver/ gold room
  2. Servers crash and Customer Service here won’t help with this sort of stuff.


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