DC greace period.. as many games does

Ok… We have extreme queue problems… This is understandable to some extent… But imagine being in a queue for few hours, play 15 mins and get dc’ed because of internet problem or anything else. A dog pushing wrong button, a kid exiting game by accident. Or simply an attempt to get back crystaline aura (You guys wrote in several places that for some people restart was helping). Short dc and bum… queue from the start.

Why don’t you then give us a 5 min grace period with queue skip? 5 mins is enough for most of dc’s people are having and would be good enough while not being impactful on queue times. Please at least try to respect our time as not all of us are young, a lot of us go to work for 8 - 10 hours and want to play when they get back home. Sure, queues in the evening, but at least let us play if we waited the freaki’n several hours.

there is a grace period. Have exp it personally yesterday when I got dced around 1 pm. The q was at the time 21k (buddy screenshotted the Zinn q). First try to launch the game from steam client said error cannot update Lost ark, then started it a second time already prepared to be stuck in a q but got back in the game instantly.

Well at least I hope that was a grace period and not some bug

There is a grace period, it’s a bug if you don’t skip the queue

My 2 friends had a short router reset (ISP do that sometimes sadly) and both couldn’t get back. They had to wait in queue and finally went to sleep as it was pointless. They were offline for sure less then 5 mins, but more then 2.

probably gonna sound dumb now to anyone that knows something about networks but my newb guess is they got their IPs reset too so server thought they were new ppl and thrown them into the q

I did think about it too when you guys replied. If so - grace period should be account based not IP based… Dynamic IP addresses are common nowadays.

:shrug: :slight_smile: