DC is a real thing,please do something,the game is unplayble and bot are still doing after patch

Cant play like this,i have alredy lost 2 chaos full rest bonus cause freeze during load,every legion someone dc and delay a lot of time,what do you expect from us?play a game in 2022 like this?over a month of crash and still we didnt get any single REAL COMPENSATION,cause if u give us 30 feather and 1 pots you are only joking with us. After all this annoying stuff the bot are still on doing their stuff as always. So if u want to close the game just advise people so we can just change game and bb, because i cant BELIVE this is a real one,i cant belive after 1 months the game still crash,i cant belive people cant play new content cause the game stop us. I will not get any hope again just desperation.

what do you want us to say ?

just whisper into mai ear that compensation will be considered

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