DC issues during content, wasted time, no rewards

I have a post from a week ago with the same problem. Getting disconnected mid-fight, sometimes right before clearing content. This particular case happened in a legion raid. I don’t receive rewards and the last 30 mins of trying to find a group and then clearing the content are wasted. Not only that, I’m not the only one affected. The rest of the group got rewards but I could not continue to gate 2 with them. Putting them in “jail” since it is very rare to find people looking for a group on this particular gate.
My time and the time of others have been wasted. I’m sure there would be a post from me about this same issue next week if I were to keep playing. though, I don’t plan to keep playing nor experience the new raid with these issues. I am currently fed up.

Sorry you have to deal with this moderators, I know it’s not your fault, and this is not targeted at you. Thank you for your time.