DC issues should not be as punishing as they are

  1. Remove the timer on chaos dungeons.
    • Nobody can close the game and reopen it within 5 minutes.
  2. Don’t consume guardian souls unless you actually click on them.
    • makes no sense that you can either choose to consume guardian soul or not when queueing for guardian raids just to lose the rewards anyways if you don’t click on the ball, either through internet issues or forgetfulness.
  3. Legion raids and abyssal raids should not consume a lockout unless you actually receive loot.
  • Waiting for an automated system to send a re-entry ticket is ridiculous. I know groups that got DC’d during Valtan without even killing him, lose their lockout. How is that even possible?
  1. High ping or a slight DC makes you completely close the game when it should just send you back to a login screen.
  • Literally have to open task manager to try to force close the game after a DC. Then proceed to take another 5 minutes to get back in.

This game was designed for Korean internet. Western ISPs are terrible and unreliable. You want to keep players that struggle with faulty internet? Don’t punish them for having connection issues. I lost 2 chaos dungeons today alone because of two completely separate ping spikes. I have no control over how well my internet connection performs and if I happen to do any activity while it’s being slow or having issues then I am punished for it. Not even going to bother trying to finish my dailies on alts because there is no way of knowing if I’ll get unlucky again. Going to play other games for now that don’t have penalties for not having Korean ISPs.


I agree with all your points. We do not come in a game after our real life duties to be punished. It creates undesired stress where we should experience joy and amusement as a costumer.

funny that ur still consider uslf as a “customer” after all the dramas.

i bet ASG staff r siting in office right now holding a coffee mug with their legs on the desk and laughing at us “a bunch of simple-minded nerds~ regardless how big mistakes we make, we can just throw them some useless compensation chests to smooth them out~”

Thats a legitimate point of view ^^

But it doesn’t minimize the fact that we absolutely need some QoL improvement in regards of lock out

Bump. This is only going to be a bigger problem when more timed-content comes out in the future. Their “system” that issues re-entry tickets is so dogshit tbh. So many players missing out on gold/loot/crafting mats all because they cant manually give out tickets. How can they rely on a system, which is very prone to missing out on people, to make up for their server instability? It seems like responding to each player encountering these problems is too much work for them right now cause they have a lot on their plate at the moment.