DC'ed before Argos P2 Died

I just hit 1385 in game and went for Argos P1 + P2 run. It was my 1st run for P2 so it took us 2+ hours and when we were about to kill the boss (or maybe they failed), my ISP got disconnected.

Logged back right in after 10 minutes or so and there was no Argos reward, and my weekly run was consumed.

I know there’s no re-run ticked re issued atm. Will I get compensated?

Hello @Exitium ! :mage:

I do apologize for the late reply! I’m sorry about your disconnection while playing Argos!

As of now, there is a system setup that automatically reissues the entry when the disconnection is caused by a server crash or outage. You can expect to get the reissued entry within the next 48 hours following the disconnection. If the system didn’t reissue the ticket after that time, we will not be able to issue it manually. You can read on how we handle these scenarios here:

I hope this information helps!