Dcs burning my brel run right now

2x 4 disco in g1 so far

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Another dc g2 brel

been dcing hard for 1hour now

dc after dc restart gate wait for another they come back another insta dc

every one gets a dc every few minutes in my party

well youre not alone my mood is mad mad now and im close to quitting the game, kinda sad that i invested 4,4k hours into it but well time to realize : they wont fix server, they wont take servers down for emergencys, they dont fix the god damn bot problem, and RMT is still a huge thing :slight_smile:

but were glad the F4 shop works guys :slight_smile:

we are not able to start da raid :Dā€¦ trying the get 8 people in the Party to press the Start Button. This is the new G0