Dc's in EUC 19:00 - 20:30

Can we get some response to what is happening to our servers at the moment, i have dc’ed at least 8 times in the last 90 minutes and so has everybody in my raid group and by the sound of it my entire clan too along with everybody on my friends list keeps logging in and out every 5 minutes.
Yes there has been an ongoing dc issue over the last 6 weeks but that happens perhaps twice a day, something special is happening for the last 90 minutes and to be honest the game is currently unplayable.
Would be great if you can communicate if you have noticed an issue and perhaps somebody is trying to fix it?

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Bots have to level to 1375 to get gems again, thus killing the servers.


Sad part is that you’re probably right and this is the most likely cause. Steam charts showing we are at over 330k players last time I checked.

After they announced the new 1375 requirement for boss rush, last night punika had 6 full channels of bots honing and another several more yellow channels and I don’t even play on one of the most populated servers.

If anybody is able to log on and not get dc’ed go check out punika honing area and the number of channels filled with bots and report back.

After logging in today:
55,000 T3 gems listed.
54,000 of them are sorceress gems.

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