Dc's the same if not worse since "update"


keeping it going

I say worse i never had this many dc in under 24 hours. before i only probably either get none or one or two. Now i am getting 4-6 now XD

Same for me, DC issue is stil there but now it’s super laggy especially in Legion Raids. Impossible to play.

yeah the constant stuttering now too. It’s a welcome change considering we have a few days before the “masterpiece” of lost ark raiding releases.

Another DC post
tell you what, I dont care about the DC
I cant play this game because of selfish nolifes gatekeepers and no one complains about this here (how suprising)… an 1460 fully geared char can not do vykas hard, period. game is done for
they better find a fix to this somehow because if after brelshaza release this aint getting a hold of itself this game is dead whitin months

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