Dead content in the early stages of the game

New player here.

So I had levelled up my striker to 50 and got into Vern. I’m almost at T2 however I did purchase a Punika Ppass and used it on my zerker and the extra one on my pally.

I’ve noticed it takes a very long time to get into guardian raids and dungeons with other players on my striker which is 490ilvl whereas on my zerk 1385ilvl it’s barely 1~2m.

I’ve also attempted doing some chaos gates and 3/5 were failed due to the time running out as people wouldn’t show up.

Situations like these will cause people to quit. Dead content isn’t fun when the ‘main’ content is locked behind a progress gate. I mean… world of Warcraft is a PRIME example of that.

Don’t be like ‘them’.


Well theres probably a handfull players running T2 Guardians because most of them probably skip it to T3.

I never had any issues with Chaos Gates.
What region are you playing?

I’m playing on EUC.
was trying to do the Legion chaos 1302+ gate that spawns in Punika

well, most of them are probably on the 1415 one because reaching 1415 now isnt that hard anymore.

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Hiya! Thanks for your feedback.

What could we add or change to make earlier content more enticing?

Hmm. That’s a difficult one.

Perhaps cosmetics or introduce a SOS system where t3 players can join and help out (with dungeon/guardian raid templates) new players and receive rewards for their current tier.

You’d have to make this system only work when the low tier player has the daily entries in order for it not to get abused.

Interesting suggestions. I agree with the concern of this idea possibly being abused, however, I think your solution for combating this could work!

I look forward to what others have to suggest. :slight_smile:

I like the FFXIV approach of making a daily feature where players can join a random group doing content with equalized gear for boosted rewards.

Similar to what we have now with the challenge guardians/abyssal dungeons, except a daily thing to help fill content newer players would struggle to find fills otherwise.

This would require making said content equalized by default, and make equalizing not ruin relic sets or stat thresholds, but it could get people playing together and make the early game not so dead. Would also give variety to endgame players killing Deska or kunga every day till boredom.

For tier 1 just do the tower for leapstones, and send dispatches for it in your stronghold to get some leaps.

For tier 2:

That’s your friend. You get so many materials you do not have to do guardian raids at all, or just dispatch and tower if you want more, but just those 2 challenge abyss dungeons gives so many it’s your go to. Also you said you are in EUC, you could make a party in the party finder and ask for help (ye it’s just a free boost and u aint playing, but an option nonetheless.) often people help around.

Thanks for chiming in and providing some solutions! :slight_smile: