Dead game Ban the bots

Don’t ban bots, they will affect the game in another way later down the line…like the AH.


I dont think the amazon employee made fun of you tbh…

Also, its recommended to not receive gifts from unknown sources, as you never know how they got it.


just wait till march and its just an ankle


Unfortunate, mate. Just walk away from this game. You’ll be the better for it I think.

This double standard needs to stop. The favouritism shown to popular streamers is outrageous. I saw JANGJ92 can’t even get approved for Twitch Drops. Not a big issue for them because he’s a smaller streamer, but all your big boys/girls get approved immediately. Absolute joke.


It just feels that way after you get ban because friends were just trying to support you and I’ve invested so many hours into this game. Lost ark has really help me cope through my pain in my ankle. But I can see it from your side.

Also, I’ve learned that lesson but I won’t be able to use that lesson here as I probably wont be playing Lost Ark anymore. I get banning me for a mistake but to take it as far as putting it on my date that I still have nightmares about kind of sucks.

Yes… your online friends…
Strange because I didn’t get banned from my friends who quit the game and funneled their gold to me since I’m still playing

I wonder if those friends used chargeback scams from amazon and then asked you for some money to send you that gold…

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I think you are correct. I want to walk away but Lost Ark was really really great for me during this time. I couldn’t walk any where and Lost Ark was a light in the darkness for my mental health. I wasn’t able to go out with friends to drink or dinner, I had to sit at home and order door dash because I couldn’t get food anywhere else.

I guess thats why Lost Ark meant so much to me because it really did help me a lot…and to feel like AGS doesnt care sucks. But you are right, I should just walk away and find something else after this.

Asmongold had donations every single hour and he didn’t get banned and even if he did he would get unbanned truth is that nobody knows where the gold is from how is the OP suppose to know


Yeah, I just mean find a new game or look into rerolling on KR where they care about the audience.

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I was gifted paypal money by a lot of people through March - June. So I use a lot of that money to use for crystal purchases. It was people who stream in the old guildies who asked viewers to help me out or people in discord asking other retail and Classic wow guildies who play Lost ark to help me out.

Truth, thanks for the support man. I think I should give another game a shot. I still can’t walk a lot as I’m doing physical therapy on my ankle still. Its hard going out where you feel burden for people waiting on you.

Just wish there were new MMO that are as good out there.

Friends meaning you know them in real life or I. Previous games. You can’t call someone you meet in a certain website for a few minutes a friend. Well deserved ban for an rmters

You are not a pt case but an onco case because you are one of the can sirs in this game

Gj ags keep it up. Now people who are so confident that they won’t be touched are getting plucked 1 by 1 and now they are crying


Lots of old guildies from vanilla wow, new friends from classic wow guildies. I told them about my ankle when I broke it and they really supported me.

The only thing I have personally bought was crystals from gifts that friends and family gave me as I sat on my butt all day with one ankle lifted up.

You said that you broke your ankle so many times that at some point I was sure that was the reason why AGS banned you.


At this point, they probably just joke about it now right? Use someone’s misery for their fun.

Even accepting gold from a gold seller during a stream was just fine.
Quite cringe to read about the OP’s case while the large streams don’t even get touched at all.

They received dirty gold and think they shouldn’t be held responsible because " trust me bro"

They expect AGS to believe they had no intention of being malicious but anyone can say this and be doing just that. Nobody would ever be banned if they came up with a sob story and “trust me bro”


I was a guild leader in lineage and when I broke my ankle they just laughed at me and told me nice now you can have more time managing the guild. Real friends will make fun of you and make you laugh on your misfortunes. Fake friends on the other hand will offer you gold for some compensation. This looks more and more like a desperate attempt to get pity for rmting

You should have seen it coming miles ago when you started doing that


I think the house painter who posted on reddit about how his boss poisoned him with lead and he was slowly dying still has the best sob story. I believe he also said that Lost Ark was the only thing getting him through his days but I don’t recall if he was banned or not.

Another point to be looked here is you are haggling to reduce your sentence. Meaning you know you did something illegal expecting a 3 day ban on the first offense instead of a year.

Innocent people will rage and even throw the kitchen sink at ags support for a false ban. But you on the other hand

Also ags did state that they only put this bans on people who rmted big time. Now I’m curious how much moolah you spent in rmt gold to warrant you a 1 year ban