Dead game soon?

1200 hour play time here, 1460 GS, Valtan server, NA West

With all the P2W scheme, Lootboxes, Gambling and misshearing what the players want from the developer and publisher, do you think the game will “survive” at least until the end of this year ?
Survive mean there are a lot players we can play with, not bunch of zerker running around chaos dungeon and repair vendor
I really enjoy the game especially the legion raid , but it feels like developer and publisher always try to push me out from the game whenever new patch or roadmap released, its getting worse.


You’re 1460 and the roadmap contains a ton of content for you to do for free and you’re worried about p2w. Do people think before they post?


it will survive for sure, but how much real player still playing in the end of year we don’t know

but you already 1460, there’s a lot of content that you can do with the game, vertically or horizontally

I’d check areas yourself(vern chaos especially), check steam charts yourself, and look for a couple of the RMT trades posts yourself and make a informed decision. Do you think you will be able to keep up to the RMT? I don’t think many players are thinking they can.

yea i spent ngl, doesnt mean i like P2W scheme.Lootboxex and gambling are disgusting. i spent because gaming is my hobby, and i enjoy this game.but my context here is more like “is it worth it to invest my time, effort and money” for this game for long term, because every patch released it feels like more people quit, the more people quit, the less people i can enjoy the game with and i dont want sitting alone in Punika with the random name zerker.Its mmorpg, social aspect is important.

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80k players are good enough, i hope your speculation is right

Dead is when even the bots leave because they ain’t making money anymore
Seen it happen man, pretty sadge when some good old games go that way

yes there will be plenty of players.

we are still sitting in a grace period where we still have alot of extra players that have zero chance of sticking around long term.

everyone should of known the legendary skins were loot boxes, its not exactly a secret. and plenty of people have been talking about that for months (even before na/eu launch).

we will go down in population but thats expected. games like this filter out people who are not ok with the grindy nature as well as the p2w elements.

in korea ppl just accept the legendary skins as they are because they know they can just buy them with gold from some whale. doing so keeps the game making shitloads of money so you get more and more high quality content.

na/eu love to complain about everything. in a perfect world we would have no p2w games, but we dont live in a perfect world. we live in the real world, and we are about 10 years too late too complain about microtransactions.

if you wanted games too not be p2w with loot boxes you should of fought back harder. this is life now, the p2w war is over and we lost. accept the new-new.


100% agree, i hope the rest of the countries follow the Belgium and Netherland policy


Which won’t be the case in our economy ruined by bots and gold inflation they bring with them. I don’t have problem with whales, they buy lots of gold the rest of the players get cheap blue crystals but this isn’t the case in our version of the game.


The drama you hear is mostly on the forums. Outside of this and reddit, it’s pretty positive.

Not only that but the majority of players are in-game having fun. Not on the forums being jealous, entitled or down right crazy.

This game will remain solid for years to come. Putting things into perspective, there are alot of other games out there with far less populations than we have that are still running years later.

Better to stop worrying and just enjoy the game :3


sounds like solution for me ,thanks Kova, i really appreciate your word

It’s a known fact that in any new MMO release that within the first 6 months it will bleed roughly 60% (roughly I forgot the average) or so players until you stabilize.

We are only what 3 or so months in?
We still got 3 months to go to bleed the quitters who have found the game not to their taste.

As a matter of fact you can see it here on the forums and on other social media people just now slowly but surely realizing if the game is for them and their friends or not.

So it’s not anything new and it’s to be expected that we will lose more people.

But we are a far cry away from dead game.

When they start merging servers is when population have shrink by a lot…enough to warrant a merge to maintain profits on less servers and to maintain player interactions.


Not at all.
At the morning I was doing daily instances before reset on my alts. Guardian raid T2 matchmaking takes less then 1 min and we talking for 5am server time (that is 7am mine). Everyone guessing nobody doing this content already but there is players progressing. If that is new players - awesome, if that are alts too. Why anyone will progress alts in T2 if consider quiting ?

Many players love the game and login everyday to have some fun. That players do not login forum to say “I continue playing” - that why we see mainly negativity here.

Almost forgot: Send me your gold and tradables when you quit. Thank you :heart:

This game needs to go into the dead state before amazon and smilegate are able to realize that :poop: on your playerbase just doesnt work

i don’t really care, i just play games that i want to play, and i don’t need other people opinion on what game should i play


I’m not lying when I say that right now I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had playing Lost Ark.

I don’t think the game is going to be dead any time soon.

They aren’t even shitting on their playerbase.

If you were a new player coming into the game you wouldn’t even know that other classes existed.

People literally spoiled the game for themselves by researching other regions and or playing other regions.

So who’s fault really is it?

The only major fault right now that I would consider legitimate is Summoner delay which they originally advertised for.


You mean right now? 70% of player base are bots YIKES AG


they even made Destroyer bot already, they are evolving