Dead game soon?

Not OP!

they will have to find a way for server merge down the line somewhere but im fairly sure ppl will still play

I think there will be a split in the type of players you see in this game. We will have casuals that won’t spend money and will take forever to get to where the whales and more hardcore players are, and not much in the middle.

The thing about this game is it just does not feel rewarding at all unless you are super lucky or you are a whale and just buy your way to the top.

As an example: I’ve done over 100 card packs in the last 3 weeks, maybe 20 of those were legendary/epic packs. I get almost no legendaries and I have gotten nothing that will help me finish the lostwind cliff set. Sitting on crazy shit RNG when I see people with like roster level 70 with their 12 card set done…

Honing: you work all week grinding out shit that isn’t really fun to just have it all fail on you and you don’t move ahead.

Honestly, would rather go back to something like WoW. That rng on rng system at least had way less limits than Lost Ark does. EVERY single system in this game is set to have RNG that isn’t in your favor. Honing at 50%…should be one taps the other fails, right? I think I did 10 50% in a row and all failed. HOW the fuck is that possible???

Anyways, not wanting to rant but I see this game dying as the grind gets harder and harder and harder. When your honing is 0.5% to start…and takes 110 to get to pity, good luck staying motivated. A month of boring content done to get mats and maybe you got lucky but most people just don’t.

And people wonder why RMT is so fucked in this game…people hate to lose and will pay to win.


Forums are a small portion of the community, so I wouldn’t really worry to much about long term performance of the game. Don’t forget AGS and SG are about as sharp as a dull knife when it comes to our version of the game so I wouldn’t be surprised if they found some way to fuck things up.

AGS will kill it for sure, like they did with their other games
AGS is artificially injecting players (bots) to the game to mislead new players and to promote the (fake) popularity
People will notice that something is wrong sooner or later



i can understand and also agree about the game is all RNG, even the horizontal progression (island soul, omium star, etc) are RNG.the more coin we have the more flip we got, thats what this game about in my opinion.but hey, looks like people love flipping coin, right ?

im pretty sure the game just isnt made for long term… The daily content gets boring for sure and im not sure how many non grinding addicts will do it over half a year +. Raids and so on are great but thats just a small part of your content exspecially right now. However i cant speak for others but im really close to full burnout quit. And even if i dont burnout i will sure change the game when another one is available… im just not into playing charakters i dont wanna play, becasue main charakter content is like 15%.


If Amazon and Smilegate stop talking to us as if we are test subjects for internal data and actually care more about player feedback, the game will be in a better spot. If bad decisions continue over and over I doubt this game will stick around for the west. Also gotta factor in goldriver is being replaced soon due to health reasons and we don’t know what this guy will be like, so we’ll have to see how things pan out.


i’d prefer they don’t even listen to the community and just keep progressing as attended according to smile gate plan since they don’t have enough resource and manpower to take the player’s opinion especially when majority of the community is toxic

Nah, Dead post soon.

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It won’t look dead to the outside person due to bots. But when you log in and there is only 1 channel of every zone but south vern… ya… total of maybe 15 guilds doing all the gvg islands yet maxed out 10k playerbase servers with ques… ya… this game is going to die


Queue times because of bots are starting in EU, so yea the game won’t survive until next year

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In terms of real player numbers, i think the game is already stagnating. After that will be a decline until a plateau is reached. After that its quite uncertain. But given the rampant botting/rmt, my personal outlook isnt all that positive. The higher end legion raids starting with vykas hard wil probably be dominated by elitist players and/or whales. I think the overall atmosphere ingame will shift.


Playing LA has made me appreciate other MMORPG’s more.
Re-subbed to WOW and SWOTOR, costs next to nothing compared to what ya can spend on this pish.


As long as you can do your weekly raids without waiting 2 hrs to find players then the game will survive. Hell, as long as they make enough profit after paying all the bills and server costs, they will keep the lights turned on and the game will “survive”.

if there are lot of problems at one side and nothing on the other side a game will die. But here on one side there are bots & economy dead downhill but also on the other side apart from whales normal ppl botting to ilvl 1490 without problems or bans. So it won’t be dead, just F2P players will quit overtime & that’s all.

Whales want to be top of the pack, especially the Streamers and Youtubers!

Once there is no audience anymore, they will loose interest too.

Just look at New World and co.


they aren’t anymore as normal players are getting 1490 with no effort but botting. But indeed one thing in common with NW, it’s AGS

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The ability to cheat to higher GS, will only further make spenders think about investing money, if they could just use a bot, and do it for free.

And yes, LA and NW share the same mismanagment!