Dead mouse clicks

The default behavior for clicking loot is for your character to move there and pick it up, but only if you complete the click action within the borders of the loot nametag (button-down AND button-up). If you start to click on a loot nametag but keep the button down, your character stands there doing nothing, waiting for the button to be released before moving to the location of the loot to pick it up. It’s important to understand this behavior before discussing the issue that leads to dead clicks.

In chaos dungeons, loot will drop on the ground under my mouse as I coincidentally click and hold down the left mouse button to make my character follow my mouse (happens frequently since loot is constantly dropping and I am frequently clicking/holding to move). Since I am accidentally starting the click action on a loot nametag and dragging my mouse pointer off of the loot nametag, my character is just standing there doing nothing while the game waits to see if I release the mouse button with the pointer on top of the loot nametag so that my character can start running over to pick it up.

Just to be clear, I am not interested in picking up loot manually. I have a pet to do this, so I don’t understand why picking up loot is even an option with a pet summoned. So the way I see it, there are two solutions:

  1. Add an option to prevent loot nametags from being clickable while a pet is summoned. This way, clicking an loot nametag is always registered as clicking to move, not clicking to pick up.
  2. Change the behavior of clicking loot nametags so that your character starts to move on mouse-down, not mouse-up. If the mouse pointer is moved off of a loot nametag while the mouse button is still held down (after a grace period of a fraction of a second), then the current action should change from your character picking up loot to your character following the mouse pointer. The grace period should exist since the game is isometric which causes everything except your character to move in relation to your mouse pointer. In other words, if you were to click and hold on a loot name tag, the loot nametag would move away from your mouse pointer (even if your mouse pointer is stationary in relation to your screen) because everything on the ground shifts in relation to your screen when your character walks. The grace period would allow the loot nametag to slip away from your mouse pointer when your character starts to move to pick up the item due to a mouse-button-down action while still attributing a potential mouse-button-up action to the currently executing pick-up-loot request. If the mouse button remains held down after the grace period, then clearly the player did not intend to pick up the item since holding down the mouse button for an extended period of time is not required for picking up items.

This is still an issue.