Dead silence?! Whats up?

There are a lot of statistics like that one and every one of them gives you a different result. Your screenshot is irrelevant. I also said in korea and you come to me talking about pc bangs. They are popular but do you really think no one plays at home? Again, you dont know shit about it. What about this other random list? just like yours

1 league
2 lost ark

I dont know why people like you use google search for random lists and use them as a fact to talk shit to other people. You have 0 information about the gaming scene in korea.

Even league pro players and retired pros are playing lost ark in kr. The game is actually growing.
Our version is trash, no communication no updates.

Yeah the other post about ags/sgs is behind the rmt shenanigan was complete nuts. Scary how some people were convinced by some trust me bruh conspiracy. :woman_facepalming:

Whats going on wilczasty I chekced forums 10 mins ago and you still writing right now. What kind of nonsense are you thinking about

Are you really going as far as saying that IN KOREA is the same as KOREAN?

Yeah, they are. And do you think that gross income of 1,7 billion dollars of Lineage 2: Revolution with lower costs of production comes even remotely close to what Lost Ark made with slightly less than 500 million in operating profit from 2021 and increasing costs both with major changes to studio because of ramping up scale of the project?

Especially that they are not piling up this cash, for example in 2021 they have invested 100 millions in startup dev company, they have to train people that are coming into the project which already is major pain.

I don’t know why people are trying to prove random and very specific thing that is leading to nowhere.

I don’t know Korean, sorry. Still leads to nothing as it’s not including any other platform, and yes, it does matter.

I am verifying sources to don’t post “random list” generated without any background.

Yes, because I am the one that is talking about PC ONLY and MADE BY SPECIFIC COUNTRY game in relation to its popularity in such country and revenue. How does it present any reliable data about bigger scale than this exact and very specific context?

So what? Spotlight doesn’t generate long term income and popularity, if that would be the case then whole twitch would be playing PUBG PC and Mobile and Garena CrossFire with visual representation of hardcore Candy Crush Saga players, these 2 things are not tied together.

If it’s trash then why do you keep playing? We have communication, just not often enough and not with concrete info about the plans. No updates? Okay, are you playing February build then? If you want to hold community mod responsible for that case of misscomunication about mid-june so hard that nothing gets to you other this mistake, then I will keep pointing the same issues here.

Why are you talking about revenue. I’m talking about how big the game is in korean pc gaming market. Mobile games always make more money. What is your point?
My opinion is very simple, this game is big and amazon is trash at publishing it.

I just stated a fact and you are trying to say I’m wrong, yet you don’t know what you are talking about because all your information comes from random irrelevant websites from the west and you only talk about revenue, no one here cares about mobile games.

Why are trying to win an argument about something you are clueless? why even try to talk shit to me in the first place if you don’t know shit about gaming in south korea? :clown_face:
Yep lost ark is the second most popular game in korea and the way they do things on their server is night and day compared to trash amazon servers.

Even gold river said he doesn’t like how amazon operates lost ark here. He said it in a very nice way of course

Because generating revenue is goal of every company (yes, it’s also the case in gamedev), I bet, that they are not teaching it in south america.

That’s my point.

Your opinion is irrelevant.

Because you are.

Is that why mobile games are the most popular both in NA, SA and Asia? And you are saying that I have no idea what am I talking about?

It’s not a competition, and I am far from being clueless.

Why are you even trying to post, if you don’t know english?

I was always pretty sure, that they are “doing things” in relation to regions, not servers. But thanks for correcting me, south korean expert from south america. As I said, your opinion doesn’t matter, revenue does.

So what? I don’t even know who’s that. I don’t like how you are operating the keyboard.

It’s really impressive how someone can say that revenue doesn’t matter in relation to market, while we can look at example of Lineage W that brought 166 million dollars in a single month when its release was in November 2021. (yes, made in Korea, not released in west)

I’m talking about how big the game is not how much money it makes. There are many mobile games making millions and nobody talks about them.

because your uninformed opinion is relevant, sure

I’m not, you can’t read korean, you don’t know how lost ark is doing there, you don’t know any koreans to get information and you still trying to tell me I’m wrong. Your arguments comes from a stupid google search

you are clueless about gaming in the east

There you go, now everyone can see how stupid you are, you dont even know who the game director is and you talk racist shit to me telling me I’m wrong and my opinion is irrelevant because I’m from south america. Enjoy your ban my friend.

How are you talking to me if I dont know english? By the way how many languages do you speak?

racist shit again

it’s just SG trying to force their policies of that in Korea here in the west, but it doesn’t & won’t work.

Wilczasty :clown_face: It doesnt matter what you try to reply now, all your credibility went to shit when you starting throwing racist comments and you said loud and clear you don’t know who gold river is.
You are basically clueless about this game and kr servers

You are proving my point.

What are you using, bing?

Nationality or living in certain continent isn’t a race, beside that I started to say it after looking into your posts when you were saying the same and worse things to people from different regions.


Is saying that you are from certain place racist? That’s new, and yet you were recently so proud to say that you are playing in that region.

you said I don’t know what I’m talking about because I live in south america. That is basically xenophobia right there. Thanks for wasting your time looking at my profile and reading all my posts to find out I live in south america.

That says a lot about you. Do you even get out of your computer? I’m worried about your mental health. I’m not even looking at your profile because I don’t care. You are just a clueless racist piece of shit on the internet.

Biggest fuck up I have ever seen in an argument. Your are basically telling everyone you spend you life on this forums talking about a game you have no fucking idea about

No, I said something totally different

That’s what I said.

I have picked a single random one which seemed to be the same as any other hateful post on your account and it happened that you have bragged about playing there and how NA players are worse.

I can’t get inside my computer on the first place.

Thanks, that’s kind from you.

Good for you, one less thing to waste your time on. You can invest that moment into some education which may be helpful in the future.

Not really.

I am pretty sure that I can’t smere excrements on the internet, as internet network is not a physical thing.

Because I am basing my opinions on experience taken from playing the game and on my professional experience, instead of taking someones words that are telling me what to think?

After 1350 hours spent in on 5 characters and clearing all of the content while being ready for next release, I think that I may form statement, that I know how western release of this game works, as well as I have pretty decent idea about it.

Vykas is coming mid JuJuAugSepOcNoDec. No worries guys!!

go fight somewherer else, like y’all implied how we dont need this thread x6384328488, we dont need you fighting here like kids. go trash talk somewhere else.

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