Dead stats in game

So we have stats like expertise, Domination. Endurance am i wrong or those stats are completely DEAD

AGS should make those stats viable - boost them or something now for example me i set stats like dom, end, expertise on instant deletion they have no hope or place in this game anyway noone buy items with those stats.


Swiftness? wait what

swiftness useless? since when?

Swiftness is not dead at all.

Domination, I don’t play pvp but this is a pvp Stat right?

Expertise, some people in KR actually stack expertise for a few selected builds (like super stagger destroyer/gunlancer/…)

i am sorry endurance. Well maybe those stats being used on tank and support items but what’s the point to get endurance on dps class ?

They are in the game to inflate the rng around accessories since they don’t have the creativity to come up with anything besides spec swift and crit

the only useless stats is endurance
PvP ppl use domination in GvG or PvP islands
some GL and destroyer runs expertise for longer debuff duration / stagger etc

every game has useless stats for rng aspect, its annoying but it is what it is, its quite pointless if u can gear easily in a long term grinding game

think domination is used in pvp and endurance is used in some fun but not as optimal builds.
regardless, they are there to make it more annoying getting spec/swift/crit

Switness not useless
Domination good for open world pvp/gvg
Endurance good for defense
Expertise good for stagger/debuff

Usually peoples stack crit/spec this is not means other stats are useless.

Expertise is used in inferno raids and meme builds. Domination is used for pvp in GvG and later Rowen. Endurance is the only useless stat that is almost never used.