Deadeye feels bad

I’m a gold player (mostly striker.) I recently decided to learn a new class in this massive amount of downtime between ranked seasons, and I stupidly chose deadeye. What an awful class. I have maybe 2 abilities that have super armor? Almost zero defense and less ability than a GS. Almost every single spell is animation locked, it’s actually painful to try and play this.

I manage a meager 200-250k damage a game with a horrible KD, yet can put up 500k damage on my striker no problem. Does smilegate plan on balancing literally any class?

For me the biggest issue on deadeye is lack shotgun combo after last request when gunslinger can combo last request into sharpshooter into dual buckshot.

Deadeye actually his higher Damagepotential than gunslinger but needs to stay closer and has less ranged attacks that’s why he is a lot unsafer.
If you actually can pull off 500k ever match as a striker with no problem you will probably be a master or grandmaster next season. Cause most seasoned strikers I see dish out about 300-350k damage when they are playing against evenly-skilled opponents.