Deadeye need a Buff (Urgently)

I’ve been playing Deadeye for about 3 mounths, and I can say that even if you build it correctly, do the perfect rotation on the best postion (backattack )90% of the time, you will never do enough damage to get MVP or even get close to it. This is the hardest class to play today, Deadeye have 16 skills, with the most complex rotation in the game, but even doing everything perfectly, at the end of the day it isnt even close to be rewarding. (Sorry for the english, i hope you understand my point)

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Same, I’ve been playing support pally for 3 months too. I never do enough dmg to get MVP or even close to it. It might not have a more difficult rotation than deadeye since we only have 8 skills, but it’s definitely more difficult by light years to get a DPS MVP. Even if I land all 7 of my damage skills, cuz i save one slot for my shield, I still don’t do enough damage. I really hope they buff support pally’s damage.

I’m pretty sure the devs said deadeye has highest skill ceiling as well as dmg ceiling in the game and 100% based on player skill which is why they don’t need a buff.