Deadeye need REWORK

Deadeye gunner classes have a lot of problems with damage in PVE, I’ve been playing deadeye from the beginning of the game until now and can’t deal as much damage as a sorcerer or deathblade and this is not an issue with engravingler, item level or gems, this class should be arranged for PVE urgently or the class must be completely reworked. It falls behind a lot compared to other classes, and this situation has started to bother me now, and it’s cooling me off from the game.

Deadeye is the least played class for a reason : hard top play, squishy, average damage… Needs a rework indeed


I recently deleted my 1370 deadeye after I realized that he is my least favorite class to play with by far and was the reason I got headache thinking about playing my alts bcs he was among them…

What a shitshow of a class… :sweat_smile:

I know that means I am bad with him… You are completely right… But if the learning process to become good with him is not fun at all, then I don’t want to be good haha


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Thank you for the feedback. I’ll pass this over to the team.

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Just wait til the deadeye main that hit mvp screen one time tells you otherwise OP.


Hello i deal no dmg with class. But it cant be because im bad. No im best player. Class underpowered. Needs buff. And better engravinglers.

Since they will obviously listen to u and rework the class so u can deal more dmg. Can u play an arcana for a while?
Then they can buff her aswell. Thanks.



Hello CaptBenjamin, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.

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Isnt deadeye one of the top dps when played well? Which is deserved since its supposedly one of the hardest. But thay doesnt mean playing it badly should result in good dps.

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He is top damage if played flawlessly, tho they could make adjustments to his sniper skills, since they suck donkey balls. Shotgun does about 5x damage, and while it does require to be pretty much in melee range to do so, I don’t think that such gap makes sense even if you factor in difficulty difference between those 2.
Just look at Gunslingers - they use their pistol, shotgun and sniper skills for damage, while most Deadeyes will not even look at their sniper rifle. Or just remove sniper rifle and let us swap between pistols and shotgun with both Z and X.

debatable, is one of the best if geared at max with all gems, tripods, etc. Few people with give it a chance to reach that point. I do not see why not making it more viable before reaching max build

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I’ve got plenty of alts - all of them same level, same number of engravings, same level of gems.
Sharpshooter does the most dmg of them all. He’s squishy AF, that’s true. But if you have any issues with his dps, means you’re bad.
Mine’s running with grudge, KBW, hit master and loyal companion with crit jewelries. I could squish even more DPS out of it swapping LC for death strike, but I found that playstyle too annoying.

no one is talking about sharpshooter


Crap, getting old and blind.
Ignore my post, apologizes. :sweat:

This is just how the game works. As we get higher tier sets, the back attack classes get better from Entropy lv 3. Deadeye is one of the classes that gets enabled at the end game. Even now, I’ve seen a few Deadeyes in my guild get cruel fighter with their crazy controls.

Also, there are not a lot of deadeye players so the data/statistics probably shows that majority of players are popping off (KR of course). This is an assumption but strongly proved by the lack of balance changes to the class for the past year +.

unless you’re playing pistoleer, deadeye does insane damage when played right.

“Insane”, yeah right… compared it to SORC or DB, doing more damage with 10x less the effort :slight_smile:

for how hard gs and deadeye are id expect them to mvp 100% of the time

but they dont

they still need high ilvl weapons and gems and quality and tripods

Are you assuming they are being played to their potential? Because i would guess they arent.

All he needs is like 5-15% swiftness on enhanched weapon engraving.

Most if not all guides are useless for current version.

Most replies will be “just get good” or “i MVP all the time so no need”

On last guardian raid i can’t out damage stirkers/assassin classes that use same gear

Most replies will also say that you need max tripods and gems, but the market is pretty much empty for deadeye.

Recently checked market for necklace, had a shitty spec / crit necklace. Accidentally searched for spec/swift, 80 quality only costed 1.5k. bought it just as a test, feels 5x more playable with 10% swiftness than 15% crit

If you look at KR guides, they also get swiftness just because late game sets provide enough crit

Tldr, get swiftness as secondary stat, class is under avg DPS till you get entropy gear