Deadeye Pistoleer or TTH (Swift) Gunslinger?

Which is more easier to play to T3 and towards 1370>1415+ ?

Since both if these choices are the easier versions of the class i assume you dont want to weapon swap much so, Pistoleer would be my tip.
But be aware of the fact that after 1445 where many other classes will get really strong, Pistoleer is one of the weakist class specs there is. And since gatekeeping is a thing in this game, you could have a hard time finding partys. Up to GS 1415 its ok tho.

Id also say that pistoleer is easier. TTH still needs you to cycle quite a bit and Swift in particular needs a really good uptime.

But as mentioned above you may have a really hard time to get into groups with pistoleer cause people gatekeep the spec hard. Yes it is one of weakest Specs right now, but every spec is good enough to clear all content. Unfortunately people ignore the fact.

So guess TTH GS it is

TTH is also gatekeeped because peacemaker has a higher dmg Potenzial (not by much tho). Oh and because swift build is a little weaker than spec build.
On Top of that the swift build isnt quiet easy. I would say the its even harder as spec cause you NEED to have nearly permanent dmg uptime on the boss. With spec you get some downtime after using your sniper skills to chill an reposition yourself.

Never had Problems getting gatekept on mine the last few months, in the beginning ye, but by now a lot of people realized that TTH is pretty solid.

Agree on swiftness being somewhat hard, you really need to bring your uptime. Lots of fun though. And since i play EO Soulfist and CO Summoner im quite used to tormenting my keyboard.

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So your saying Pistoleer would have easier time but again cheaper would be TTH Swift GS ?

Im saying Pistoleer is easier play but TTH has a better time getting into groups.

Both are very affordable( If Swift TTH).

Unfortunately pistoleer is a low dps build despite it being fun to play.
I find enhanced weapon more fun to play than peace maker but harder to be top of the list in damage but you can get there if youre good

I have gone pistoleer since TTH gunslinger turned me off

Pistoleer means ‘too bad to play Enhanced weapon’, and in most cases insta decline for any legion raid. Unless lobby leader is clueless about class engravings in this game.
It’s like judgement palas, they exist but nobody really wants to play with them.

Well that kinda ruin the fun out of this game then whatever happened play what you find fun thing i guess this BS i am not gonna fecking reroll ;(

It’s up to you sure, just consider yourself warned.

But thing is on KR Pistoleer are few people plays it

Some classes just have a bad reputation so if you choose to play one of them expect having a hard time finding decent groups.

  • Mayhem zerkers - floor PoVs, often picked by oblivious players
  • Reapers - floor PoVs, meme dps ( used to be gunslingers back in the days, but it’s changing now)
  • Reflux sorc - floor PoV, no dmg, bad at the game
  • Deadeye Pistoleer - nonexisting dmg, bad at the game ( picking class built around swapping weapons, just to disable shotguns and snipers and play pistols alone )
  • GS Time to hunt - as above but at least doing decent damage
  • Judgement Pala/True Courage Bard - no dps, wasted potential, everybody wants you to play as support
  • Gravity training Destroyer - meme dps, stuck in skill animation, often causing raid wipes

But my GT Desto gets invited and less gatekeep as TTH Swift Gungslinger …

For what content?

Like Valtan Normal > Brel contents

Im sorry to hear that. As ibsaid earlier its been a while since i got gatekept with it. But then again by now people want unreasonable Things sometimes If you dont play meta spec builds.

I have a Bonk too even though Rage Hammer and also had the experience that it gets accepted really easily. I think its because is tanky and people conclude that you can screw up less things then.

I got a bit wary myself after seeing multiple bonks apparently sending their brain cells on vacation, meaning i just take a closer look in their Setup.

you’re playing TTH GS, Pistoleer DE and GT Destro?
It’s top 5 brainless engravings in the game. That doesn’t look good…
I hope your next character won’t be wheelchair arti.