Deadeye - question about pvp

Hey guys, how is deadeye in 3v3 and 1v1 pvp? I kinda want a gunner class that will perform well in 1v1’s but 3v3’s as well. Thinking about deadeye … what do you guys think about this class, is it fun to play?

For 1 v 1, if i) you have low ping and ii) you’re already a grandmaster, then deadeye is SS. Otherwise, don’t play deadeye at all…
For 3 v 3, GS usually performs better.

Deadeye is one of the best 1v1 classes in the entire game, if you master it you will win almost every single matchup so easily that they are more or less auto-win fights.
There is very few classes that cana ctually fight deadeye.
In 3v3 deadeye does much worse but its still a very good class, GS beats it due to superior mobility, while deadeye has stronger catch skill.

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Nice description. I’d add superior awakening to GS list. Deadeye also has one additional super armored launcher in enforce execution which could be vital in some matchups. But yeah pretty on point nonetheless.

In 3v3, deadeye won’t perform as well as most other classes in terms of damage BUT his ability to catch and paralyze people is almost unrivaled. (And make a quick escapes all the way across the map)

If your teammates can capitalize on that, the match will go extremely well.

I met an Extreme deadeye in elims NAE.

I don’t know his name, but his play was in another god damn dimension.

The only weakness was psychological in how he handled us apes praising his play.

Deadeye gunslinger is king in high elo 3v3

If it’s something you want to commit to it’s the most rewarding pvp experience learning how to play that class effectively

But be warned it absolutely sucks for your first 500 games

At least for me it did
Hard to get damage
Die from 1 miss click etc

But at the top it has the most outplay potential of any class

And yes to what someone else said
Deadeye has slight advantage in 1v1
Gunslinger has the edge in 3v3
HOWEVER I’ve seen ErgoProxy (Eu GM deadeye) absolutely destroy the best gunslingers in the world

in actual fighting gunslinger is as good as deadeye if not worse, it only pulls ahead due to mobility advantage. it lets you take favourable positions, chase down people better and escape when your team colapses. Yes those small things add up but in general people underplay how good deadeye is.
There is that weird misconcetion going on that GS>Deadeye. and that gs does everything deadeye does but better, absolutely not.

Meh gunslingers rifle and pistols are better
Only really advantage IMO is that deadeye has a knock up with their pistols

All and all they’re very similar
But I think deadeye spends more time animation locked than gunslinger so that’s why gs is better in 3v3

hey thanks!

Do you know if this guy (ErgoProxy) streams or have youtube channel?

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deadeye has several advantages
1 they have a quick knockdown immune knockup, its why martials just cant brainlessly chase them.
2 they have a long range true combo, stun → spiral → perfect shot does ~40% of peoples HP, something that GS cant replicate.
3 their pistol stagger comes out faster then tracker, meaning you can convert into it much better then GS, and you dont risk ping fucking you over.

Don’t do deadeye, i have around 700 games on him and i managed to peak around mid plat.

3v3 is really difficult, you usually spend all mobility to escape or to engage, so whoever stands next to the enemy will do 1tap and you gonna lose 40-80%hp

1v1 yeah, have around 78% win rate, but only around after 450games

If you want hyper mobile gameplay but be also useful go glavier, same mobility if not better and not struggle if enemy has 2tanks
Another note, after 20games on glavier i already have higher win rate than my deadeye ;-:

If enemy has death blade, destroyer, bard, glavier or striker/wardancer, good luck, match becomes twice as hard and you will most likely be outdamaged by paladin if you get focused

Main issue being that your main dmg spells don’t have any good immunity , so unless you cc someone good luck damaging them

Another, possibly worst part, your best quick cc is a freeze, worst cc in the game

Sorry he doesn’t that I know of
I just see KatanaZera fight him a lot

If you wanna watch gm gunslinger you should check his twitch
He plays deadeye sometimes

deadeye gets much better with practice, more so then almost any character.
In fact when you get good at the class you become the scourge of strikers/wardancers

Wait wait wait.

Catastrophe is one of your best damage skill and it has tenacity. Wtf is the second statement. Having immunity on last request would make zero sense. Having immunity on perfect shot would be even weirder.
And you are supposed to cc before you damage. What you said there makes no sense.

Your best cc’s for 3v3 are aimed shot and death fire which can catch an entire team by surprise. Grenade is usually the second part of the combo after enforced execution, another great quick catch. And calling it the worst cc in the whole game is another wtf at best.

You should never be caught by a destroyer. You can kite martial artists, though it’s not really the easiest thing to make work. Deathblades and bards suck, but at this point having a few counters isn’t that strange.

I mean if you get outdpsed by a pala clearly the class isn’t for you. And that’s fine, just don’t preach it to others :joy:

What’s the highest you’ve got to in comp?

Around 1700mr , destroyers don’t just run around but instead hang around their team, good luck damaging anyone when he is immune to stagger half the game

Half your pvp kit is in the sniper with enough range that you don’t care. the other half plays off quick combos and mobility.

While I agree that he’s overtuned and annoying, Destroyers are far worse for other classes then they are for deadeyes. Feels like maybe we shouldn’t be the ones to complain about him :joy:

I’d much rather not face a good gl

Snipers don’t deal that much dmg and require quite a windup. By the time you reposition away from some big engage on your team and do 2 sniper skills, any other DPS class will already use their entire kit on your team

  • If wardancers / deatblades notice you are doing sniper stuff , they will instantly engage and their jumps have push back immunity, so unless you use your jump to cancel sniper shots, you are screwed either way.

And freeze is very bad cc, just search freeze keyword in pvp forum and see how many people complain about it , example: