Dealing with Bots - Solution Proposal

  • Problem Description
    There are a lot of bots in all servers that farms resources only to make gold from the auction house. Those bots then sell the gold to average players for half of the price of the exchange in the shop. This harms the AGS revenue because whale players will be really tempted to obtain double of gold for the same amount of real money. This also harms the average players that can’t farm resources or complete quests because bots are always there stealing all the farm.

  • Solution
    A good solution in my opinion is to create a GM task force made by players. To encourage average players to join the task force you can give them a monthly reward chest that not only contains some goodies but also a title based on how many months the specific player was in the GM anti bot task force.

To make the system work you can add a report bot button. Once someone reported a bot the GM Task Force must receive a message of the location and channel where the bot was seen. Then the GM once reach this specific location verify if this player really has bot behaviours. If they have GM can use a specific report button that only those entrusted players will have. Once they use this option the account suspected of using bot systems will be banned for 24 hours and will be sent a notification to a specific AGS employee assigned to the anti bot program.

The AGS employee double check if this account can be associated to using this “illegal” systems and if they are to issue a permanent ban.

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Count me in (got experience in being a GM)! I also made a clip from today’s stream of mine at EU Central Zinnervale server, and every player who witnessed these bots was upset. BY A LOT! They even use speedhack, wich is obviously undetected with the current anticheat.