Dealing with in game scammers

How do you deal with scammers? I mean you obviously won’t know they are scammers at first. Is there any system in the KR version that deals with these people? It’s funny that some guy can just join go for 3 maps and just leave and all good no consequences. What do you guys think?

EU: central Sirius sever. Scammer Tetsaiga Shadowhunter. Just a heads up if anyone encounters this piece of work.

People have been flagging scammers on their server discords…enough reports and their account will get flagged/player will get banned.
Scamming is against ToS, just keep reporting

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Yes. In KR version if 4 maps of same type is shared in a party and detected by the game, you only need to do 1 dungeon, and you’ll get 4x the reward.

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Hopefully, this will come soon.