Dear administrator, please look at my problem

The role bound to the express has been deleted. Now I want to change my role to join the express, which is impossible. Please help me solve this problem

You can try writing it in game support. They will help you.

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Make a post here asking for character restoration. Write your server and name. Let them know what character you would like to restore. And make sure there is an empty character slot or they can’t restore it.

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Why can’t I write themes in game support

Not allowed

Is there a button like this?

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Yeah, but not allowed to click

thks bro. I got it

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Hello @provenc and thank you @classicmix50bags for your accurate guidance,

I am sorry to hear you deleted the character for your express event but am glad to see you are having this taken care of in this other post: Express activity problems - #6 by classicmix50bags

Be sure to give @classicmix50bags some hearts and we’ll keep an eye out for when you provide the character information.

Good luck! :wolf:

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