Dear AGS, i have a skin request:

Can you just release these skins instead pls? thx.

I mean to be fair, I like the skins that are coming out and I hated the aesthetics of this set when it came to Russia.

Thats the beauty of it though not everyone has the same taste and that’s ok.

But that being said I’m sure this package is on the fast track as I don’t believe it dropped too much after the Dark Omen set did in Russia.

So just keep your eyes peeled!

well, not having the same taste is fine and all but we literally only have 1 type of skins in the store. AGS should either release a differently themed skin now or, even better, release skins of multiple different themes at once. cos now having to wait another month to likely see another edgelord skin for a month just means my founders RC will sit idle in the wallet for forever.

I mean, all about perception my man, clearly you have a favorite set, I have favorite set hopefully we will some day soon meet in the game with both of them.

As for them changing the release though, we are literally like hours away from the patch I wouldn’t get your hopes up for now.

Heres hoping you get what you wish for soon though!