Dear AGS, I have found a way to make millions of dollars AND keep your player base satisfied

Hire a team of 4-5 people , maybe even interns with a below industry average salary ( say 25-30/year per intern ) . This comes out to 100-150k a year . Have these interns monitor all the RMT websites and manually set the exchange rate of Royal crystal to gold lower than what the RMT websites are offering. I PROMISE you that on the first day you do this , you will make enough money to pay off your interns for the next 1-3 years . This will cause the gold sellers to go out of business and Rmt’ers to redirect their funds into your pockets . Sure the botters can always go lower but with the limited amount of ways to make gold , it won’t become sustainable for them in the long run. Hell , even if it only works for a few months , those few months would have kept the majority of your player base happy and grateful . Now the next part in very important so listen up . Take a portion , maybe 10-20% of the funds acquired and allocate it towards a proper team that works on a proper bot banning method . Also get some GM in the game that can ban bots in real time .

In return for the AMAZING idea that will net you MILLIONS of dollars , all I expect in return is a permanent 20% honing buff on my characters ( I pitied my weapon for 17-18-19 and almost at pity on 20 , my mental is shattered )

Sincerely, The dude that helped your team get noticed by Jeff Bezos


I did not understand what you want from this forum. Good luck because I’m a nice guy

Well time to make my own RMT site (called S2S or something) and set every price to $0.01.

Then i can buy lost ark monnies legally for very cheap. Ain’t that something

People talking about that since months.

Will never happen.

And then what? Make the experience for the f2p player horrendous because this “AMAZING” idea will cause mass gold inflation.

This may quite possibly be the worst idea I’ve heard so far in terms of a solution to the RMT problems.

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Makes no sense since every Gold you buy for royal Crystals a Player has to trade his Gold for the Crystals.
This would mean 95 blue Crystals would cost ~3k Gold rn.
Blue Crystals would be unaffordable.
The gold your buying for rc has to be farmed, like the bots Gold, but players capability of doing that is very limited to say the least.

There is a static RC/BC Rate Set by AGS. Not many people know that and not many know what it does. You can find it ingame in the exchange. Your wording is kinda not valid.

Also, now, without bots, the „good“ f2p times are over. 42 gold for one GHL this morning. And it keeps decreasing.

Ags only knows how to milk money from players until game dies, ags just not competent enough to lead a game or maintain a game