Dear AGS, please treat EU and US separately

Hey AGS, although the forums may look bleak at times, there’s a lot of us out here enjoying the game and looking forward to logging in to play some more.

Please start treating EU and US separately in terms of schedule.

  1. Maintenance should occur at considerate hours for each individual region. Neither US, nor EU enjoy reasonable hours for maintenance, which should occur when the minimum amount of players are logged in, such as 3AM to 6AM. The current schedule interferes with preferred gaming hours, and for me personally, puts a sour note as I wake up Saturday morning, after a long week of work, just to find maintenance starting at 8AM.

  2. In-game events & reset time should span throughout the times of the day when players have the most opportunities to get involved. Currently in EU, many events start late in the day e.g. adventure islands spawning from 7PM onward, and then carry on throughout the night when most of us can’t enjoy them. The reset is timed at 11AM, which is way too late as most of us have already gotten started with our day; while when we login in the morning for a quick session, there’s nothing much to do as the events have stopped by 8AM, after running on all night.

I’m sure there’s a lot of other feedback that can be given on these topics, and I hope people can post in the comments here. AGS, please adjust the schedules so that they work best individually for the gamers in the US and EU.


Youre wasting your time and effort. They wont listen. Provide feedback to a company that cares.

the reason why they don´t care is are more ppl complaining about honing and dif of dungeons :slight_smile: maybe if they complaing about real things which are annoying like this hotfixes 10 times per week and lack of communication cuz they´re lazy :slight_smile: probly the game will not die in next 2 months.
I mean i decided to quit the game if they will not fix their problems in next 2 months i mean they don´t care about 1 player i´m just a little number but i didnt take that decison thinking they will care it´s just a personal decision about what´s better for me. I wont lose my time with a game if will die anyway

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Nah, check my comment history or search things like regionalization of prices or botting. Theres a lot of serious and authentic feedback that gets brushed under the rug. LA has improperly calculated prices and arent regionalized. Their region tried their best to get the attention and proper action by AGS but no avail.

Edit: But yes I agree there is a lot of feedback about the basics and main mechanics of the game the person that is playing as if their feedback will get a full overhual/rewrite of the game.

The problem with this maintenance, at least for me, is that I let some dailies for the morning (we got the reset at 12 by the way) and now i can’t even do these dailies cause of this hotfix. This happens several times. It is frustrating and shows how they don’t care about EU population.

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Reset is at 12AM* atm, since they don’t know “summer time” and they’re unable to add +1 to the server time…
Anyways, +1 to OP, wanted to play when I found out that there’s an ongoing maintenance right now, sux


A lot of good feedback being given, and I doubt that they don’t care; they might not have the capacity or capability to deal with all of it. In some cases, I think they just want to hold their ground for things like honing and stuff, because that’s the mechanism to keep people coming back and playing. Other MMOs have other ways, such as WoW with mythic dungeons or PvP. I don’t think they’ll be willing to change the honing %s.

As for other feedback, I think AGS, and especially Smilegate, will take it seriously and will eventually make some changes, especially if we give healthy and respectful feedback.

I heard AGS has no development capacity, so they rely a lot on Smilegate for the patches, and possibly even the server engineering to do releases / maintenance. Being a KR company, that might explain the pricing issues; but that also means they have the resources and can put in place better shifts for people to perform these operations at odd hours in their local time.

You have way more faith than I do in AGS. In your case I hope I am wrong :slight_smile:


wasting your time, same stuff with NW. It’s the same AGS nothing will change.

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That’s dumb. All companies use their own timezone for maintainces. Like Path of Exile is in New Zealand and the leagues start at 10pm for me which suck.

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eu: make times global !!!

also eu: CATER TO EU MORE!!!

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keep it up and don’t forget about Sea Region. Easy changes to make, let’s go!

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