Dear AGS/SG: Statistics Aren't The Only Factor (Do not nerf content)

Hello, this is a message to AGS/SG I hope this piece of feedback is taken with great consideration.

The way SG handles nerfing content is extremely basic, they pretty much entirely rely on clear rate data.

If any given content has a low clear rate, it almost always gets nerfed.

While not all nerfs are unwarranted, as some gimmicks in the past were unfair, please do NOT nerf our legion raids.

It’s pretty much proven on 3 regions that the fights are fair and need not be nerfed.

In our global release of the game, these hooligans cannot bother themselves to learn mechanics, improve their gameplay, use relevant battle items (that you literally give them for free through ingame events), or pretty much hold themselves accountable for anything.

they will claim engravings such as grudge or cursed doll are bad since they have a pretty rough penalty (increased damage intake, decreased healing received) and instead opt in for sub par engravings that they don’t even understand (using keen blunt weapon with a sub-50% critical rate, using ambush master as a grudge alternative while not hitting a single back attack)

all of these factors combined of bad play, suboptimal setups, refusal to use any resources such as battle items, will for sure make them see the fight as being unfairly difficult, and rather than looking at how they can improvise themselves they will beg for nerfs.

PLEASE do not nerf content for these idiots, thanks.