Dear Amazon pls read

Sorry for my bad english !!
Amazon u lose more and more players and this is the problem if u have many Bots few dungeon entrance

u lose more and more Bots if u open more Dungeon entrance, more Dungeon entrance = more money for the players = he dont need to buy Gold = more fun , many ppl play with One Char and 1 entrance is not enoutgh , we are at 2023 mmorpgs have more than 1 entrance , we need more than 1 entrance we need 5-10 entrance this is good for a free world we are at now not free at lostark , we stay at citty and wait for a weekly resetting , at moment need the players many Chars for a 24 hour play time or bypass for more dungeon entrance , i hope u see that Amazon

I guess this is addressed more to the actual developer - SmileGate. This is quite obvious and they already know that. HOWEVER, you forget about 1 very important thing: The gold that you can earn in game is limited in that way for a reason.

This also means less money for SmileGate/AGS, because people will (as you said) have more gold and won’t be incentivised to buy gold, meaning that the players will no longer have the need to PURCHASE said gold with royal crystals. This directly contradicts their business model, so even if they are completely certain that this change will make the game more fun, they will probably never do it, because, as a company, making as much money as possible is way more important to them.

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i have 13 characters who can do 3 legion raids per week , each ( im not even doing more than 7 per week even i could do 39

im not able to do 18 raids per week timewise

so how would it help the everage player, when you dont have a limitation of entrances and gold

thats just another “fomo force”

alot of people quit the game because there is too much to do and burnout
so how would it help to unlimit the amount of dungeon entrances ?

its pretty easy to make enough gold per week with less than 18 raids and hone you main in a healthy way

im 1570 with my main , im over 1550 since 2 month now

i generate enough gold each week without playing every raid or every alt each day , im not even play each alt more than 2 days per week

so if you dont have enough gold , rethink how to generate gold efficient