Dear Amazon/Smilegate/Tripod, I'll help you!

Dear Amazon/Smilegate/Tripod,

I wrote some pseudo code just for you!
You know, for the future, so you can prevent the whole ordeal with the wrong characters, some of your dear customers have selected for the “super express mission” event:

if (characterLevel < 50 || itemLevel >= 1100) {
	print "Dear customer, this character is not eligible for \"super express mission\" event! Please select a character which is at least level 50 and has an item level lower than 1100. Thanks!";

You are welcome!

Yeah, I know, I know, this “algorithm” is very complicated! But you will get there in time, I promise!


And, one day, I will for sure understand…

  • why accessories and ability stones are not exchangeable within the roster in a game that suppose to be “alt-friendly”?
  • why there is a fee of “Pheons” when mailing accessories and ability stones to a character within the roster?
  • why there are “Pheons” in the game and why there is no way to acquire new “Pheons” besides exchanging gold to blue crystals to “Pheons”?
  • why there is this whole mess with character bound, roster bound, sellable/unsellable honing materials?
  • why shards for honing are listed under roster currencies (upper left corner) while these are clearly character bound?
  • why the so called “gear progression system” is just uninspired, boring and frustrating?
  • why solo players got locked out of the most valuable rewards for the express event?

Oh wait, I found almost all the answers:

Every day I think about spending money on Lost Ark, because I like to buy nice things for fair prices and I usually spend about 50-200 bucks on these so called “free to play” games. But every day there is something that prevents me. Something odd, something annoying, something mind-bending, something mind-boggling, something overly complicated, something obfuscating, something devious, something gambling-schemy, something greedy, something predatory or just something plain incompetent.

Don’t get me wrong, despite the awful, awful, AWFUL (AWFUL!) quest design, the shallow, boring and mostly predictable narrative, and the, partly unbearable, cringy English voice-acting, I really like this game. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have played it for 600 hours plus. The flashy classes, the slick combat-system, the set-pieces (except Punica), the framing, the music, the raids, the dungeons, all great and highly entertaining and also highly addictive!

Anyways, that’s my “feedback”.

Best regards & good day,

CptZaepp (EU West)


Well said Sir!! This game is not really an ALT friendly!! Yeah its f2p but doesnt mean its friendly

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You must be hired, do something Devs.

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You are not completely wrong but players with already 6 T3 characters should be able to claim the express pass aswell so instead of blocking character > 1100. Just put the "are you really really sure you want to claim this on a > 1100 ilvl character?"

That dumb proof window is enough. No need to block all T3 roster players.

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Avele: “Ohhh noooo what should we doo…” Epic VA

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