Dear Bots, from the players

You guys have to slow down and keep the queues lower. Your cash cows are slowly going to quit the game because they’re unable to play it. Please have mercy on us and keep queue’s under 500 bot overlords.

In return:

  • feel free to continue spamming the chat with more ads.
  • we won’t use the party finder’s move-to-top feature so your advert can be there
  • SG should not buff T3 honing, so players are incentivized to buy botted gold
  • remove the “report botting” feature, or have no action on it
  • offer you the NA Mari server as a permanent home
  • introduce more P2W features like Yoz’s jar to incentivize players to buy your gold
  • matchmake carry you guys in T1 abyss dungeons

While SG is doing a good job of already making the above points part of our gameplay loop, we simply beg for mercy. Please bots, only you guys have the power to solve our issues with the game as the devs are really struggling.

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Isn’t there already no action on it?

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I like your post. The problem is a lot of the bots probably aren’t even being used to sell gold, but to boost individual accounts to high gear scores for free. If I were more of a degenerate, I’d do it also.

Yes, but as a kind gesture we can remove the option from the dropdown. Or instead, whenever someone is reported for that, they can have a few gold

You’re actually better off negotiating with bots than Smilegate

Embrace the bots