Dear LA Team: Your Updates DIDN'T Fix T1 & T2 Progression. Here is how you can!

Guys I love your game but you keep missing the mark here. The solution is simple but is being overlooked or ignored.

The latest updates gave a one-time mats boost that was, although appreciated, underwhelming. The single biggest roadblock in progressing T1 and T2 is shards and those are still a problem. My nearly t3 bard has 650,000 harmony shards as a result of farming for my alts. I play the alts because my main chars are stuck on harmony shards and I can either play alts or log out after 15 min a day on 2 chaos runs. A one time boost and metalugry books wont fix that, certainly not for any new players but also not for current stuck chars.

I am struggling to understand why you dont implement the following.

  1. Make ALL honing mats roster bound. Shards, Stones, Everything.
  2. Increase Mari store limits to unlimited. If the whales want to level up legally they can just dump their cash in the Mari store. Lower the prices though, your prices are super high unless the player is a millionaire.
  3. Have shards drop after you are out of resonance. Probably keep special items like tickets resonance only but shards and leapstones dont drop at all after resonance is lost so you cant even grind your way up.

This would solve all of player progression an in the process deal a severe blow to the economy supporting gold selling bots.


If shards are your problem do shard unas :slight_smile:
Also do the thing I’m always too lazy to do, Tower, it gives quite alot of mats and shards.

I have 2 t3 alts 2 t2 alts 1 t1 alt, these events greatly helped get my 2 alts to t3 and my 2 alts to t2.

Meanwhile my main is stuck at 1360 and trying to get to 1370 has been a royal pain. The only excess t3 mats I have are shards lmfao.

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Sorry I need 300,000 shards to complete to Tier 3, ASSUMING that I don’t miss ever. Of course I will miss so to bring my gear from all 13 to all 15 I need more like 400,000 shards. An una will give me 1600 MAX. Thats A LOT of unas you would need.

Addendum, the Tripple Guardian raids are pointless as well

Man this is MMO, this means FARM, FARM, FARM, MORE FARM ENDGAME. If you don’t like it like a concept just leave. Two daily chaos, chaos shard shop, bloodstone shop, pirate coin shop, chaos gate map runs, 2 event shop, daily guardian, weekly abyssal, islands, sometimes a daily reward. Whats the problem?

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omg PLEASE PLEASE do the roster bound materials.

I get not wanting to flood the markets, but not being able to share between your own account is so stupid.

The grind is a feature, not a bug. You shouldn’t expect to reach max level a week after the game is released.

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The game has been out [quote=“kaulshae, post:7, topic:295090, full:true”]
The grind is a feature, not a bug. You shouldn’t expect to reach max level a week after the game is released.

Straw man argument. No one asked to be T3 in a day. If whales want to I would have no problem with it. I am not in competition with them

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Then why do you whine? Are you aware you have honing upgrades from your stronghold, it will make your life easier and less shards to be spend? And why your main is farming for your alts, at least I understand it that way from your post?

Agreed, it is apparently how it works in other regions. Amazon has made this change and sent out some PR letters to us claiming it is to combat bots but anyone with 3 braincells understands that is not true and it hurts players the most.

It’s kind of hilarious to see these level 1 helpdesk technicians coming in to let everyone know how to get mats. I’m sure the OP was not able to understand he could do Una’s quests to get shards, what a huge help! Can someone now tell me how to change my e-mail signature? HUEHUEHUE

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I don’t see the point in NOT making bound honing mats roster bound. My main is sitting on more than enough bound T1 and T2 mats that my ALTs could desperately use.

The simple fact that island rewards are a one off roster reward would make roster bound mats even more important.

I could understand if every alt got the same access to bound mats, but they don’t.

You want to combat the bots flooding the market with cheap mats by having the publishers flood the market with cheap mats. It’s not logical.

Making honing mats roster bound would hardly flood the market, especially since it already works this way in other regions it is likely a matter of time before mats become roster bound for us as well.

In KR the T1 and T2 original patches had bound mats like we have, but after a lot of outrage from their community they changed it and it improved the game.

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That point is fine. Having Mari’s store be unlimited and cheap would flood the market. Having unlimited chaos runs would flood the market.

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Yes I agree with you :slight_smile:

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How is that [quote=“kaulshae, post:12, topic:295090, full:true”]
You want to combat the bots flooding the market with cheap mats by having the publishers flood the market with cheap mats. It’s not logical.

How is that not logical? No mats would be tradable anymore.

The mats would not be sellable. And furthermore, I am sorry it would impact your gold farming selling bot operation but … shrug.

Why do you guys have so much T1 and T2 Materials on your T3 Characters in the first place?
I don’t understand…

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  1. Agreed with stones and stuff but not shards. But I do think they should give us a way to exchange the shards for something else. Just make it same like Korea version, but add QoL for shards.
  2. Limit for Mari shop is fine, but they should make rotations faster. I think it’s faster in other versions too.
  3. … No. Why shards drop after resonance? Might as well ask for everything to drop at normal rate? Or remove resonance all together at this rate.

Have you tried tower? Those give so much mats to alts, but you have to work for it. On top of event, you probably have more than enough resources to get an alt from T1 to T3 in a week or two if you wanted to.

Tower is tapped out. These ideas dont work.