Dear max lvl players, you are NOT helping

My friend just joined Lost ark, plays gunlancer and is having a blast but when we did the morai dungeon in match making we had 2 ​ilvl 300 players.

Keep in mind morai is for lvl 20

1 shotting every boss ruining the experience for new players. As a new player you like to fight the bosses, feel good about the victory and get the sweet loot.

I asked them why are they queuing for a low lvl dungeon in match making. And they responded with “we’re helping new players”

Yes its very fun for a new player to just stand on the side, cant even see the boss before u 1 shot it -_-

Please dont do this, you are not helping

you can do it solo,just both of you,saying in case u didnt know it


I know but he wanted to do it with a group trying out gunlancer as a tank.
Still tho max lvl players have nothing to do in a lvl 20 dungeon

I mean ilvl 300 is a baby character.

They could be running for completionist or makoko seeds

But I get what youre saying

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Or just run the dungeons with just you two. It’s random matchmaking. Why are you expecting it to always be low levels. If you don’t want people in it, YOU have the answer to that already. You’re creating a problem that doesn’t exist.

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“max lvl” players do have something to do in dungeons. Get seeds, finish normal/hard mode for the adventure book, watch cutscenes if we skipped them the first time. You are no different then someone that gets pissed for people NOT skipping cutscenes, you joined a random public game so deal with it.

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I just write to say there are no tanks in this game, better to learn early so don’t develop bad habits :slight_smile:


the tools are there so u & ur friends will never experience this ever again, use it. as for joining random parties, u’ll get exactly that, random.

But if u max lvl why u queuing in match making? U can one shot everything, nothing can even hurt u.

This dungeon have to been cleared during a T1 quest that give a lot of upgrade stuff it’s just sad that those player tag in multiplayer

So yall here getting pissy.
Why if u max lvl are u queuing in match making for a low lvl dungeon? U can easily solo it. It makes no sense to que for it

you were queue’d with a lvl 60 player?

Oh really?Yeah makes no sense to que in match making. If they dont make the dungeon harder at T1 or something

Kinda normal here ngl.
Anyways they probably just feel great by being the savior nobody wants for low lv players and thats it. Usually you should be able to play with peeps on your ilvl

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Makes no sense really that you can even queue to low lv dungeons. If you oneshot everything anyway, why need a group?

If you go for forgotten Mokoko Seeds, why queue?

For Abyssal dungeons at least, you forfeit the meaningful rewards if you are too high level.

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Sorry you had such a poor experience, I don’t know anyone who does this outside of actually difficult content where a carry is appreciated.

Maybe they really did think they are helping. Lots of people think if you want to go story speed you do it solo/private. If you want to go fast then use match party. They probably think they help people get through low story dungeon fast and help them get to islands faster. Could be honest mistake?

Just hoping this dosent become a thing people will do. Its not fun for new players

As i said many times on this forum, everything what is happening can’t satisfy people.
If nobody would have joined you would complained that the game is dead.
If someone with higher ilvl comes, why he comes?
What can satisfy people like you?

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Probably the fix that too high ilv people cannot queue. It’s simple really, it’ll become a much bigger problem later on if people get carried with no personal responsebility to learn anything.

Assuming that people will just find another complaint does not contribute anything. An excuse to not discuss any problems with the game.

Why solve a problem? There’ll be more!

THAT IS THE POINT OF LIVE SERVICE. Identify, fix, move on.

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