Dear returning players with 1370 Express excited for Legion Raids

If you thought 1302-1370 was bad, enjoy spending almost 3x the time to even reach Valtan.

SG/AGS are well aware of what they are doing, it’s up to you to decide whether they start actually making positive changes to our version because they certainly don’t listen to the current playerbase.

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Ye. If you thought 1302-1370 was bad, enjoy spending time and mats to play this game.
Better not come back until they give us a 1490 Powerpass.


It is good. Even though they kinda get 1370 for free they will need to play there character for a bit to at least get some practice before going into Legion raids. I love it tbh

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Important difference, from 1302 - 1370 you can’t play any “cool” content. From 1370 - 1415 you can learn the game slowly with Argos and later in velganos
Also yoho for most people is a well nicer experience, specially to rerun daily over and over, compared to igrexion or scorpion

I didn’t think i was going to make it to 1415 the rate i was failing my hones… but i did… and i didn’t spend any money on honing materials or even buy mats from ah.

Could easily be done with 3 T3s, ive got a burnt out number of alts but wasnt much help when GHL arent obtainable with lopang alts.

If i am being reasonable you could make an argument this helps get an alt higher to earn more GHL to funnel to main to push to 1415… and isnt 1370 first phase argos? hard mode abyss dungeons? full deck out in legendary gear? damn it took a lot of work to get some alts to 1325.

I think getting a pass for 1490 might be wish thinking :sweat_smile: as I dont expect it will ever happen

I bet if they got given a 1490 pass there would be a bunch of people raging about how there is no point playing the game anymore or better yet, why didnt they get 2?

Like i still can’t figure out why SG doesn’t just complete everything the moment i log into the game for the first time, game is dead im moving on! /s

In before the threads get made “Why do players have to do legion raids every week?? please add auto completion button already ffs”


I was sarcastic. :wink:

If they Would Listen to the current forum community every time the game Would be dead by now.


What I’m wondering is…

Most of my friends that quit the game were alr 1370+, between 1385 to 1402.
If this is to entice player who quits to come back, I don’t think this is gonna work coz their main mostly alr reach t3…

guys guys
can we rethink our strategy again
lets whine for 1430 instead

at this rate, you guys might actually get them to change it to 1415

i think its so stupid, why ask for 1415 when vykas is 1430

lets whine for 1430 instead
im rooting for yall whiners and complainers on this one