Dear toxic players (wow m+ mentality )

1st of all i have been playing the game since day one on launch on eu server

i want to point some stuff to wow players because you can spot them miles away inside the game
i have met a lot of players ingame have the same toxic mentality that made me quit wow
and i have been wow players since beta classic in 2003
please stop being toxic to other players please please
i have seen this mentality on every aspect of the game ( even normal dungeons - raids - abyssal )
if you want to be midmaxing player join guild with the same mentality or make one and dont join groups for content you can solo . or Chill
people are still learning
people from other mmos not used to click to walk
people need time to understand their own classes well

this is fun game learn to chill or play alone ( most content can do done alone spare us of your toxicity )


gotta go fast. skip skip skip skpppp omg skipppppp

yeah it’s pretty cringe having people call you “trash” for not knowing the mechanics of a brand new game or new event because they ruined the experience for themselves by watching guides instead of playing the game so they can /dance on an island in their 1400 gear and complain about no content. :confused:


i watch guides when im stuck only i like to experience things for the 1st time like new movie dont want it to be spoiled

guides for classes most of them are half right half wrong i have saw it on two classes i played
people are still exploring options etc
the skip skip guys i ignore the chat and watch it if i want to
i have ilvl1360 on my main and i play to have fun
i encounter content when i want to not because i have to

yeah typically I skim the guides looking for insta-wipe mechanics and identify those (because I feel like they are poorly explained/telegraphed in the game), but leave the rest a mystery and it seems like a reasonable compromise. I’m only in T2 stuff, so I know it gets more difficult later. I don’t expect many PUGs clearing Brelshaza legion raid or whatever, and once you get to that (insane) level of difficulty and required coordination, it will probably be more imperitive to do outside research or find a prog group dedicated to facewiping until the mechs are understood. I just don’t think any content below that really merits a PhD in Abysall dungeon mechs or Guardian raids
beyond grasping the insta-wipe stuff (lmao I get the most toxic people in these for some reason despite them being relatively less complex than abyssals? especially the new event ones, which are an actual joke, and yet both days ive had toxic ppl calling eachother trash for not flaring or whatever. pathetic.)

I think most of the guides vs not guides would be solved by having better in game presentation of mechs and/or a dungeon guide a la WoW where you can read up on mechs in game before hand. That said, that won’t fix peopole not reading it ofc, but if it properly highlights the cheesy oneshot/partywipe mechs, I think it fixes most issues without sacrificing too much of the mystery and excitement of blind runs. I’d rather those mechs not exist as i find them more frustrating “idiot checks” more than a real test of your mechanical skill, but it’s a choice the dev made so thats how it be.

Ok, I will give you some credit for this post. Also vet WoW player… WoW doesn’t have the best community and a lot of elitist and epeen stroking I agree,

But that is also why WoW had it is time, being very competitive. Mythic raiding is top tier for a reason. For very skilled coordinated group via voice chat.

But why didn’t this game absorb some of the good stuff WoW had to offer is my other question LOL

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the game will teach you in later stages no worries
and btw the game tells you before the mechanic what to do
you will find in every raid someone who welling to explain tactics or what to avoid so dont worry you will get it
in t3 things will start to get serious from 1340 then 1370 hard mode and it is doable with bugs if you just communicate with them .
people forget how to communicate with each other in games and it is big issue

i quit wow in shadowlands i think wow can learn alot more from lost ark more than lost ark can learn from it
i wish lost ark can get the story to somewhere closer to wc3 story then this game will never die

You know what? Why don’t you join a specific guild with your mindset if you want to “discover content first hand”?

The thing is. Both groups have issues when they matchmake with the other but I don’t think wanting to “min max” is wrong.
At least if I am min maxing I will not be wasting your time whereas when I try to do gates of paradise with 2 people that want to “discover the content” they essentially waste hours of the other 6 players.
So my question is: who are they? Why is their time more valuable than the other 6 players?

Why is the norm:
LFG= people that don’t know what to do?

I wish those people used party finder like this
“Chill run, first timers, let’s learn this”


oh god, please no. leave the terrible RNG honing to lost ark please… don’t need that on WoW haha. And gear on destruction upon failure…

please just no…

honing is big issue XD just had 30 fails today and only +2 ilvl to become 1360

WoW can benefit from the combat and graphic Lost ark has… But lost ark can benefit from how WoW set its gearing pace which revolves the use of RNG …

My 2 cents

the norm should be respectful communication with other players not spamming and insulting others or spam skip skip skip while there is someone in the group is 1st time doing this . the norm should be people having fun
and that is the whole point the game is fun time
when i join raids i ask before entering the boss if anyone one needs to know what to do i will be happy to do though
yelling wont help and wont make it easier
helping who is new or teaching him is way better in the long run

I agree. I didn’t say I agreed with insults.
But I definitely don’t agree with wasting 1 hour of time for 7 players because player number 8 likes a hands on experience.

That player should find like minded players via guild . Like you suggested.

This is the issue, you really don’t want to quit because of others, just use that ignore / block commands and move over. Toxic players are everywhere, you end up quitting every game if you don’t ignore them.

you cannot ignore them in wow sadly you will end up setting in major city left out of content :smiley:
yea in lost ark ignore and block

except in MMO, you sort of have to play with other people lol.
if you want to fully enjoy what the game has to offer that is…

I mean, we talk about hundred of thousands or million players, it’s not you end up without anyone to play if you block some :slight_smile:

I mean, it tells you in game with a textbox that barely exists on the screen long enough to read it, meanwhile you are being assailed by AOEs and other things and it can be very easy to miss. But you are right, they do exist, I just think they would be more effective if they were presented better. Having an ingame static resource to reference with official explanations of mechs would be nice, or just better telegraphing and/or less insta-wipes on one person’s f-ups. Savage raids in 14 are much like this as well, with poorly communicated mechs and very strict tuning and while I respect that there is a community of people who enjoy having to a perfect coordinated dance for 10mins with no fk ups, I think its just a bit too strict for most people to find fun.
For example, if the game had NPC dialogues beforehand that warned the player of particularly severe mechs or they were alluded to in the story, I think it would be way easier to intuit their gameplay implications. This is just an example, there are several other ways that the info can be presented outside the actual “test” in a way that makes the test feel less punishing and more rewarding for mastery or comprehension. Banging your head into a wall will eventually break the wall, but you prob gonna lose some grey matter in the process.


i agree on honing sucks
but i disagree on gearing on wow
wow rng is very bad too
i remember in classic i grinded for two handed sword that drops from BWL for the whole expansion and never got it
the lost ark system is fine you get the gear and make better step by step
if honing changed would be nice fix but i have no problem

wow can befits
trade skills
the house etc
lots of things can make wow better and fun

just for future reference… it’s not MID-MAX… it’s MIN-MAX which can be further explained as MINIMIZING useless stats while MAXIMIZING useful stats.

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