Deathblade is balanced


If everyone plays it how can it be unbalanced?


I am sure that db was mvp in that match


I bet they rage at each other when they die “You only won cause you’re playing braindead class”


Rofl, and the mvp goes out of the match like " who is the best DB now huh"


Paladin is balanced, 20 sec team shield who absorb everything, more tanky then gunlancer and doing dps on par with scraper. Deadblade is walking in the water :smiley:


Its just relatively easy to perform well on DB in the current meta specially in the lower brackets.

Edit: i personally find arti + bard in same team much harder to deal with.

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DB is so broken i have no idea how Devs havent nerfed it atleast by a little. Platinum 2k striker here

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Apparently it’s fine and we all just need to learn how super armor works.

What cool downs? 11 second upperlslash?

Ah , yes. Stunbott once again letting everyone know that striker can easily counter blades because his opinion isn’t biased and he doesn’t get his ego hurt when he hears how unbalanced blade is because he thinks he’s that good


gunlancers* maybe your ego is getting in the way of reading comprehension? :thinking:

Maybe you need to go to the hospital after banging your forehead against the keyboard spamming upperslash-headhunt so much because this topic is clearly about deathblades

stay mad, cuz bad

im 2100 mmr rn and in my opinion db/sorc need massive nerf in pvp ASP , WHY??
DB=BIG MOBLITY MASSIVE DMG TANKY perma cc massive cc protection almost 70% hp down from surge +awk combo and all of this as assasin class WOW,
Sorc=MASSIVE DMG PERMA CC 24/7 PERMA moblity low cool downs easy as f to play

Not mad. I find immense humor in that class whenever I play one for a match and delete people without even knowing what I’m doing🤣 do me a favor and play a real class without protection and let me know your results

well, when your mmr is so low that you are playing against first timers any class is strong :man_shrugging:

shit bro forgot you were diamond elo. wait you were 9 days before ranked was out magically.

guess everyone needs to be like you and lie lol.


Its not nessecarily about 1v1 and the fact that DB shits on Striker. To me it seems omega broken that DB can kill heroes in 3 seconds with their entire combo, if we simply compare Striker and DB the only thing that Striker is better than DB is mobility but even that is questionable to some extent. With Striker i do my entire combo on someone and i barely take 30% of his hp, i fall down once against DB and im dead. I am not against someone bursting me from full hp to zero, but the problem is that DB excels in almost every possible stat. They have decent mobility, high damage, super armor immunity combined with knock on top of that an instant stun combined with ultimate that is omega easy to hit atleast 2 targets in 3v3 and deal insane amount of dmg which also by the way KNOCKS down, how can you have any arguments against that? I am okay with being one shot but can you please leave some weakness in DB? All classes are supposed to have some weakness that you can exploit, DB literally has none.