Deathblade -- Maelstrom update

I would like to chime in and hope that tomorrow’s update is fixing Maelstrom and allowing it to do multiple ticks of surge instead of just one it currently does. In KR/JP/RU it has the feature of adding more than 1 stack to surge counter and that’s what balances are also based on around so it would be very disappointing to not have this skill be corrected and updated to its present function as well. I know there have been other threads wrt this issue but there have been no responses on either of those as yet and it’s been quite a while. Not sure if this is the right place to post since it’s more of an outdated version of the skill but i hope it’s fine.

And on another note it would be nice to have a confirmation if we’re getting the visual QoL updates for classes too like the surge stack meter.


Do forgive me for tagging you but I hope it merits a response!

I too, would really appreciate some information on this. There is no mention of maelstrom in the balance notes. I’ve done a lot of experimentation on the “20 stack” playstyle and without this “fix” to maelstrom, it can be rather cumbersome.

It is indeed “fixed” :slight_smile: