Deathblade need a MASSIVE nerf in pvp

It is like playing streetfighter and being knocked down and then kicked repeatedly and chain stunned until you die.

This class absolutely needs the nerf hammer in pvp.


You shoul complain to Smilegate then I do not think Amazon will ever make changes like that.

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I mean, they did choose to not give us the base classes on release, im sure they can do balance changes if they wanted lol.

“being knocked down and then kicked repeatedly and chain stunned until you die”

Are you sure you’re not talking about striker or something?
The problem with blade isnt chain CC, its the super armors


This ^



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Perhaps chain stunned was the wrong way to word it – regardless it IS chain abilities that DO render my character UNABLE to use a single ability, like I cant use a single move once Im engaged on. Its a problem and it will be nerfed.



Yes, sorry your class is going to be nerfed. :slight_smile:


There is definitely balance changes in our future. And smilegate is still in charge of balance changes, ags is just publishing, not developing.

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maybe it’s just not the game for you. You realize striker and wardancer can combo WAY more than deathblade right? Against good players deathblade is not insane, it has good engagements but gets peeled very easily especially if they misplay. Sure deathblade can stomp noobs who have no clue how to play, but against skilled players they’re easily readable. L2p.

also here you go


yeah… no. Amazon wont change balance we have to take what Smilegate gives us. PS. I main Sorc, not blade. If it was up to me nerf the shit out of blade.

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After what you wrote, I conclude that you are new to the game and after a few days of playing you are convinced that x class needs a hard nerfs.

Thats not how it works if you want them to take you seriously.


This was my main observation in pvp matches i played. Some classes, namely; Deathblade and Artillerist simply countering most classes because of absurd amount of super armor, cc on their skills(+shield for artillerist). Like you know, when Deathblade dashing at you, she will come out of top because even her simple gap closer skills have super armor. Artillerist plays lot slower but still has access to same cc and super armor with addition of shield.

It is super frustrating to play against classes imho. It just unfun.

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Artillerist is one of the worst classes on KR because people figured out and realize how easyy they are to counter. Also amazon wont be doing balance changes simple because they cant. They are publishers not developers.

Get gud.


As an Artillerist main what are you talking about? We counter no ranged classes that’s their weakness, we do counter some melee classes but not all. They lack level 2 super armor, the shield yes gives them level 2 armor for 8 seconds and that’s literally it, that’s when you run away from the Artillerist. Gatling gun also gives them level 2 armor, but the tradeoff is that they’re a sitting duck and can now easily be stunned.

Artillerist can be countered literally just by auto-attacking… It’s low tier for a reason.

You main sorc and think blade needs nerf? This is why noobs don’t balance games


If you can’t dodge dark Axel then you need to get some sleep.

This is the problem with nerf threads. It’s all grade 20s asking for nerfs and the biggest indicator is that the game is not even 2 weeks old. It’s pathetic really. Also artillerist doesn’t have much super armor at all so your entire post is invalid. Deathblade super armor might be a tad too much, but if you removed too much it would just get shit on by anything. It’s also incredibly easy to outplay and peel a deathblade since they cannot hold you down outside of their one combo


Crybabies, that dunno how to play agains a DB. Yo, get some pvp experience cuz im sure you all are still rank 15 MAX and still havent figured out the “colored bars” above your opponents heads.
Stagger-Push-hardlock differences, and guess what?!?!? all can be avoided if you get some experience and dont rush crying to the forum, newbie.


nop you are just bad lmao