Deathblade Remaining Energy 1467ilvl Trixion DPS 357m/2mins


I think this post belongs to the class forum :slight_smile:

My 1470 deadeye is around that.

kinda low dps for your ilvl

Man why are you mashing your keyboard like that ? Your spells won’t fly away.

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I do the same with my WD LOL

Your surge dmg is way higher than mine wtf

Kinda low, im around 3.2M without even using awakening with RE.

Forgot how basic RE is compared to Surge…glad I’m not playing it.

feels bad as igniter far behind xD

Dmg vs a immobile scareceow

well as igniter u profit from a scarecrow not bad as well

show it on a video

copium playing the clunky spec

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oh yeah? show me a video doing this much better

imagine being the guy online commenting on a game’s forum, on somebody’s video, on how they press their keys LUL

yeah well that dude probably don’t pulls out a third of this amount in real situation. Igniter isn’t easy neither, but heavy back-attack reliant classes such a RE … if they do half of their trixion DPS it’s already good, this is why its trixion dps is big.

i actually do a lot more damage in real content (hardest available atm is valtan hard), since i have support and consumables and my uptime on back attack is extremely high,

Least I’m not playing the bottom of the meter spec.

someone kind of salty