Deathblade, ShadowHunter, Gunslinger and Striker didnt get umar skins!

Really Amazon Games? Really?

You make us wait 6 weeks for an update, remove the skins from the summer event and simply leave 4 classes without any UMAR skins???

This is lazy!!!

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actually garbage update

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Amazon Don’t deserve a single cent of my money. I expect to purchace some packs in this update… but after this…


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this is by far the worst update that we had.


I thought Amazon was delaying skins so we wouldn’t get this? Another lie right to our face eh?

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Don’t forget that there are absolutely zero Umar weapon skins for any class also. More big brain plays

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Choose One Option:

A. Amazon delays all skin sets which predate certain classes, and doesn’t release them until Smilegate puts time into creating entirely new outfits to add to the ‘collection’.

B. Amazon releases the skins that are available, because most people have several alts and something is better than nothing.

There is no ‘C’. Both AGS and SMG are dripfeeding the old outfits before the newer ones.

They threw Umar in as a ‘make-up’ for removing the Yoz jar from this patch to begin with.

I personally told @Roxx and the other community team I wanted skins without waiting for new ones to be crafted for all classes. So blame me if you want, at least some of my characters get something to wear.

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Not a huge loss, honestly.

These fkin skins are a one-piece Chestpiece&Pants.
Even if you like the stockings of the Martial Artist set, you can’t mix-and-match them with other things.

Deathblade never gets class skin and even if they do, it’s the least desirable. That’s why as a main db I am still wearing default class skin and only sometimes whip out my event skins.

Meanwhile, my bard gets everything and they are also good looking. Not saying their skins are the best, but at least they are getting something.

Alar skin’s alright for deathblade.