Deathblade: Surge or Remaining Energy?

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I’ve started to play Deathblade (item lvl 150 atm), I love her and I’ll probably use my second North Vern pass to level faster, but I can’t decide between Surge and RE.

I’m playing a Reflux Sorceress as an alt (my main is Bard) and I was wondering if a RE Deathblade works like a Reflux Sorc in terms of damage.
I’d like big numbers for my next class, but I’ve heard that Surge is pretty hard to play and also squishy so I just wanted to know if RE, which is easier and more forgiving to play, has much lower numbers than Surge.

Thank you in advance!

Re is strictly back attack , surge is more forgiving with that , surge is big numbers , re is small . A better surge player will get cruel , re is like di sh you will outperform bad players but wont hold up top end

I personally play re , but my db is an alt

This helps a lot, thank you!

RE is easier to play and more forgiving if you don’t hit your X skill. Surge has higher damage potential, but higher skill ceiling. Squishy are both. :wink: