Deathblade Surge/RE

Did Surge deathblade is dead after the Nerf? Should I change the class engraving?

no patch notes or indication its getting nerfed yet so too soon to say

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Still any way start work on item and engraving for RE Deathblade ?
Cuz it’s will coming

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save your pheons / gold, maybe save your RE accessories too and start looking at other classes you might wanna play just in case ? thats about all you can do until the patch notes get released

Afaik it will come this week but it’s not confirmed. You can swap with the new relic accessories or you can buy 3x3 for 3-4k or a 4x3 for idk what price. You could also stay surge maybe it’s not as bad as everyone thinks

nah its not really dead, both specs can still clear content fine. You are just not stupidly overpowered anymore. Surge is slightly above RE but requires more work than RE. (Like basically the same)

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Surge was overpowered, it’s been bought inline with other classes and specs
That means if you enjoy playing surge then by all means play surge, but if you just played it to do top dps and get that mvp screen then you might want to try another flavour of the month spec