Deathblow striker questions

I dont k ow if i should stay 70% spec and 30% crit. I like getting 40 mil with lv 1 tripods and lv 7 gem on my LTS but the crits are rare man, what do i do? I already have enthropy in the process of clowning it up. And the LWC set card 7% crit as well, should i get an earring on crit ?

Please help

you have 18% synergy 20% entropy 10% back attack 15% adrenaline 20% stats, thats 83% crit rate, if you add the card set you will reach 90% under your own synergy which you can always hit both lts and tiger emerges in, this is also unless of course you went for the cursed doll + keen blunt build which is just bad

not going full spec will grief not only your damage but also your 3 spender build which you will eventually run

As the earlier post mentioned you should have more than enough crit % with adren 3, lightning whisper(LW) and entropy set. Practice your SSB + LW + dash combo to always hit the back and you should have no drama’s.

The crits shouldn’t be that rare if you are doing the right rotation.

Entropy 2 is a good improvement over level 1 but even without it you should still have roughly 77% crit as long as you have adrenaline 3 in your 5x3 which most people recommend.

If you are 4x3 then you are gonna be suffering for a while as you really do need 5x3 to make Deathblow shine. Even then tho you shouldn’t give up crit for spec as each point of spec for striker is like .03% esoteric damage, but even outside of that you want as much spec as possible to ensure you can hit your breakpoints regarding orb generation. Basically losing 180 spec is like losing 7% esoteric damage which is more than the average damage increase of 7% crit.

I do t use adrenaline, its annoying as hell having to build up and keep stacks

You are legit trolling if you play deathblow and want crit on anything except your necklace and I your reject rates will go up 90%. The fact that you’re afraid of using adrenaline when striker is one of the best classes to maintain it is also confusing. You’re not meant to get crits on every damn LTS also, striker would be beyond broken if that was the case, go play GL lone knight or GS if you want to see nothing but crits.

not using adrenaline is just mathematically very bad on striker unless you play with a static that always provides you with crit synergy

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The first time I started using adrenaline I felt a similar way and that it was inconvenient to always keep the stacks up. Now I’ve been using it a long while now its become automatic and natural. You can use any skill to maintain stacks so you can use a mobility skill to get in a better position for your spender skills. It’ll become muscle memory after a while with you popping a skill every 3-4 secs without even realising it. In the downtime parts of a raid you’ll find yourself doing it without even realising eventually.

Adre is fully stacked together with using ur first Spender if u start the fight with Storm Dragon Kick. Losing the stacks is impossible if u proper rotate ur skills…
I play KBW and CD myself but i got a FI WD in my static so its not that big of a deal. Even with Crit Synergy i would still recommend going Adrenalin over CD - in my case i have a cd rock and no luck with adre rocks so im kinda forced…

Crit Earring/Ring on Deathblow striker is a hatecrime btw